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A member registered Jun 13, 2017

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This was a fun, cute, quick game!  I really enjoyed the artwork and thanks for submitting this game!

This was a really fun, short game!  Thanks for making it because I really enjoyed it!

This was an incredibly fun game!  I really enjoyed the art style and ambiance!  I do admit that I had issues figuring out what the orbs were for and I wish that we could deconstruct mining lasers, but overall it was a fun, well put together game!

I'd have loved to have seen the rate next to each of the resources so I could have better optimized my progression, but it was a really fun game!

Once you unlock placing lasers is there anything else?

I have the exact same issue

This looks great so far!

This was a very fun game!  There isn't a ton of replayability present, but I look forward to seeing more work from you!

Here is Ziggyzag! Seed 0637861

One comment I have is that I'd like to view the price of each employee, upgrade, etc..  The percent bar is great, but I'd also like the precision of an exact price.

Pretty fun game!  One thing that was kind of confusing was the arrows at the top, right, and bottom of actions that had finished upgrading.

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I had no idea that stonedust was more efficient than stone for making iron, so thanks!  By the way, does anyone know if Elixir is the end?

Great game!  I wish that saving worked and I look forward to you adding the encyclopedia.  The game is a lot of fun and reminds me a lot of The Powder Toy.

Great game!  I really had fun redesigning my board each time I unlocked a new piece!  First try: 42:15

I'd love to see a way to manually save my game because I can't figure out what the autosave rate is and keep losing data.

It's a lot of fun and reminds me of the game Incremental Popping.  I can't wait for more!

It seems that the hitbox for the rain might be off since I sometimes am killed by the rain even when standing still fully underneath the cover.

A really fun game.  I hope you update it and add more to it!

A ton of fun.  However, it'd be nice to see what turrets are on a space,  because once you get a ton of turrets, it gets hard to know where to place new ones to get even coverage.

What's up with the price of both potions going up so fast every time you upgrade the spell book?

Is there any chance of posting a guide to the various branches?  I love the game but I don't think I have the time to find all of the possibilities.