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Awesome! Thank you for playing!


butter time

Thank you for playing! That's a pretty nifty setup you have there!

For the spicy turrets, you have to fill them up with turret seeds, which can be accomplished by right clicking on them while holding the harvest tool. They will also automatically suck up any nearby seeds to use for ammo. As for placing multiple cacti in one spot, that was not intentional. I will probably fix that if I decide to do another update ;^)

Thanks for playing! 😁

Whoops, thanks for reporting that!

Thanks for the feedback! I didn't spend too much time on small things like these because this is a game jam entry, but if I continue to work on the game some changes will definitely be made. :)

This is amazing, thank you!

I don't have a set price yet, but I'm shooting for $7 or under. Anyone who has "participated in the beta testing" will receive it for free.

Thank you, I appreciate the support!

Hello again! I'm back with another exciting update!

Recently, I released my game Rosefury: The Golden Plains, which is a trichromatic roguelike-like-like platformer that tells the story of love, hate, and everything in between. I just released the first major update, and you can get the game for FREE for the next 2 days! That sounds like a steal if you ask me!

I would love any kind of feedback, and I look forward to posting more stuff in the future.

Download here:

Thanks for the reply! These are things I've definitely considered, and I understand that Player 2 has a disadvanatge in controls. That's partially why I added controller support, but I kept the keyboard controls in case some people didn't have a controller. It would be a pain to add editable controls, but I would be willing to add it if controls become a major issue.

I'm glad you're enjoying the game so far! Stay tuned for more updates!

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Hey dudes! I recently released a game called Rosefury: The Golden Plains, and it's on sale right now! Go get it while you can!

It's a trichromatic roguelike-like-like platformer that tells a story about love, hate, and everything in between. The view count has been going down hill for the past couple of days, so I figured I might as well reach out here before 2019. Cheers!

This thread is dedicated to suggestions for things that can be added or changed to improve the game.

Think the game could use a little more work? Is there a bug that's bothering you? Is there not enough content? Is an enemy too strong? Too weak? Is there a cool idea that you think would make a neat mechanic? Should sans from Undertale be added as a playable character? Type down anything you'd like!

Thank you so much! This is the first time anyone has done a let's play of this game! Make sure to stay tuned for any similar games in the future!