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finna go jump mode fr fr on god no cap

really love the vibe of this, excellent work!

this game is the shit

absolutely astonishing

god bless 🙏

among us!!!!!!!!!!!

quite a lovely game, simple and very enjoyable

i now have a burning hatred for tetris, thank you

this game really made me fewar my dvd

very pleasant game, enjoyed it thoroughly the whole time. excellent work!

this game is a certified classic

This looks great!! Would it be okay to add this to a paid product, and if so how would you like to be credited?

super crate box + nuclear throne with korone? hell yeah 😎


amazing art as always 😍


It's awesome seeing the project get so much attention, here's to a fully funded campaign and beyond!

good stuff good stuff!!!!

coolest post ive ever seen on itch!!!

epic game made by epic people

very cool and very epic game

pizza time

thank you, 3d assets for gms2 are a blessing

I'm expecting someone to make a game with cutting edge bullet hell ghosting hunting gameplay using this

i loved it, this is art

love me some deep fried pixels

Are you guys planning on reworking some of the currently existing maps? I feel like a few of them could use a couple of design/layout tweaks (especially Mira imo)

Really glad you guys are listening to the community, keep up the good work!!

yubi yubi

spinning 2 winning

Revival Jam community · Created a new topic necromancy time

hell yeah

Thanks for sharing this, really glad to see your thought processes towards sharing/developing your game. Really glad to see this take off like it did!

Disappointed there isn't a battle royale mode but I can live with it

Visually stunning and a lot of fun, I loved playing it and I'm glad to see this get so much attention

Can't wait for the sequel

very epic

Looks awesome dude!! All 5 stars from me 😎

Thank you! I appreciate it 😊

bro this game is lit 🔥🔥🔥

oh yeah slime time

Let's work together to build a better tomorrow 💪

Let's fight for a better future 💪