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I see potential in this game. I struggled a bit with the controls but the concept of the game is very nice and I think you should continue to work on this :)

Great arcade game! Quite difficult but it made me want to retry multiple times. Very nice art, audio and controls which makes it enjoyable :)

Thanks! :D

Thank you!

Thanks! :)

¡Gracias! :)

Thank you! Yeah, that would have been good perhaps :)

Thank you for your nice compliments! :D

This was a creative take on the theme! Fun to see the conversation come out of the randomness of the bounces, made me try it a couple of times to see the different outcomes.

This was an excellent entry to the jam, great art and sound. Fun gameplay that would fit very nice on a touch screen. Only complaint is that I thought the sensitivity for flinging the fish was a bit low, had to drag the mouse quite a bit to get the effect I wanted. 

This was nice. Enjoyable gameplay loop that makes you want to explore deeper. The water looks pretty good too for the PICO-8 limitations. 

Thanks for your feedback! You aim to the left or right depending on which direction you're moving. I was thinking of having some indicator that would show it but felt it was a bit difficult to do it nicely within the resolution limits. 

About the ground collision. I didn't want to have the collision exactly on the ground as I didn't think it would feel "bubbley" enough(whatever that even means). The collision is actually below the ground tile and I made it so it will bounce you back if you go below it. Wanted to give the player a bigger area to move around in as well because of how the bubble-shot moves. I didn't know about that function though, so thanks for that! Might try that out next time I make something in PICO-8. :D

Relaxing game. I'm impressed you managed to build such nice 3D world during the jam. I was a bit bothered by the speed of the bubble though which felt a bit slow. Some kind of burst of speed where you use your limited air could have been fun.

Thanks! I had some ideas to stop the bubble-spam but didn't have the time to implement it in a fun way.

Thanks! Good feedback! I did have a thought of having sharks try and pop you but I didn't want to spend too much time on the game so I canned that idea.

Happy you enjoyed it! :D

Thank you!

Thank you! :)

PICO-8 is really nice and quick to work with. The benefit of being able to make the games playable in the browser is also great!

I really enjoyed this! Works really well with the surprise element in the end. This is my masterpiece:

Thank you! That's a good suggestion. :)

Thanks! Totally agree. We're looking forward to finish what we couldn't during the jam.

Thank you for your kind comment! Totally agree with having the old man react to what you do. We actually had it planned and I had made audio and animations for that, we unfortunately ran out of time before we could add it. We're thinking of working on the game after the jam to add the missing objectives and reactions. :)

Thank you! We're considering expanding the game eventually and add even more objects. :)

Pretty neat game! Thought the main menu was pretty clever and I like the concept of jigsawing the stages. I wish you only needed to finished the required path pieces to be able to traverse the map though opposed to how it is currently that you need to finish the whole jigsaw.

Felt like a nice take on similar genres. Thought it was a bit samey on the first couple levels but thought it got interesting when I could connect to more blocks than 1 and create interesting shapes to solve the puzzle. That was unfortunately the last level!

Thanks! :)

Thank you! :D 

We over scoped by a quite big amount so there are unfortunately plenty of bugs and a ton of unfinished stuff. You can right click to go back to a previous point though, I had missed to add that to the description.

Good job setting up a clear tone of the game with only text. I think the game could have benefited with some audio though, even if it's only when the text gets typed out. I also got stuck in one of the parts and didn't know how to proceed. Would have be nice if you could see the previous text somehow because re-reading it could have been helpful.

Thank you! I'm happy you enjoyed it! :)

You can't go wrong with snake. It's quite challenging when the snake starts out so fast but that kind of made me want to try and get a good high score. My best was 19!

Thanks! Totally agree. Have to study up on how to do that better next time :)

Thank you! Agree with the rain. The RNG is pretty terrible at times. Can either be super easy or impossible to dodge.

Thank you! This jam was good motivation for me to actually try and get into PICO-8.

Nice viking themed game with fitting music. Thought it was a bit difficult to get an overview of things but I'm also bad at these kinds of games.

My score was 46 before the owl got me. Pretty interesting concept. Was wondering if whatever you look at with the mouse is underground or if it is the cat using its eyes in the darkness.

Funny and creative game! Could see this being expanded upon :)

I enjoyed the concept of a dungeon crawling game where you don't fight. Was a relaxing experience because of that. Would have been cool to have other uses for the things you pick up so you have to make a choice between selling and upgrading. 

A very nice take on a snake game. Was fun to make the haikus and see them displayed in the end of the run, even if I failed with the syllables.

Nice relaxing experience. Was cool to see the landscape come together. 

I enjoyed the comedy in this game. Pretty good gameplay with a nice map to explore. Wanting to get my revenge on the toddler kept me playing :D