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Thanks for playing! :D

Or maybe a smaller cookie? :P

Thank you for your comment! It's okay not to like the game, I understand it's not for everyone :)

Thanks! :D

Haha, thank you! I haven't even been able to smash all 5 cookies in a row myself. It should be possible but the game is challenging, I always miss out at level 5 if I get there.

Thanks! Yeah, I could see that!

I enjoyed the art and the theme in this but then the game didn't play as I expected it to. Thought I had to throw cards of the same suit to kill the enemies but apparently that didn't do anything? A tutorial would have been great.

Haha, thanks!

Pretty fun! Had a blast doing the pickaxe-jumps. Got a bit lost and almost didn't get out in time but actually did at the last second with 4300 points :D

8! :D

Yay, I won!

Fun game! It feels satisfying and juicy. The resolution is a bit small though...

Thank you! Yeah, it is challenging. It's great that you had fun anyway! :D

Satisfying game. Feels really good once you get that perfect hit :)

The controls felt very smooth and fun, some music would have really tied it all together!

Ahaha, no problem. Now it works much better! I really like the focus of a single tower. The UI was a bit too difficult to read tho because a tree covered the amount of money I had. 

Enjoyed the art and the audio in this. Personally I'm not too fond of sneaking games because I'm not good at them so having to restart from the very beginning was quite frustrating for me.

This game is confusing or doesn't work for me. The only thing I seem to be able to do is rotate the camera around the tower. No idea how to play.

This was an interesting combination of game mechanics. I could see this being fleshed out. Unfortunately in its current state the platforming was quite frustrating. Can't quite pinpoint it but moving and jumping didn't feel as tight as these games need to for them to feel good. I enjoyed reading about your development process, fun addition to your game's page :)

Thank you! Happy you enjoyed it!

This game was a delight! Enjoyed the retro aesthetics and audio. It felt good to throw that pickaxe around.

I had fun with this game, would love to see it expanded upon :D

Very fun! I would like some more of this, please!

Agree with previous comment. There's something weird with the ball physics and flippers that makes the game very difficult to play. Also retrying the game without a restart button is a bit painful. I was excited to see a pinball game here so hopefully these are things that could be fixed :)

Great game! Looks great and felt very nice to play. This game has the potential to be more than a jam game if there's some more additions to the gameplay.

Pretty fun game! I'm not too familiar with the Family Feud show because I'm European. This also made me confused why children would put butter on their pancakes. I enjoyed the challenge though so I retried plenty of times :D

Haha, yeah. The game does make you feel like you're doing that. Thanks for playing! :)

Thank you! I do understand where your feedback is coming from and it's something I considered during development. The game is supposed to be slightly difficult and I'd think the game would just be too easy and not as entertaining if the player had more control of the swing.

Thanks for playing! :)

Thank you for your lovely comment! Really appreciate it <3

This was fun! Played this a lot longer than I thought I would, there was some addicting quality to it. I was a bit confused to when I took damage and why I didn't take damage when the blood in the lower screen caught up to me. Some indicator whenever the bat is ready to be used again would be a nice addition.

Hey, you did it! That does sound like you were pretty lucky! Thanks for playing!

This was pretty difficult so I didn't get very far but the game felt polished and juicy. If you fix what the other commenters have said I think this could turn out pretty great :)

Thank you! Not sure if it's a bug or it's just a confusing part of the game. Happy you finished it at least!

Ah, yes. That is the question, could have been fun if I was a bit more ambiguouswith the ending. Totally agree that completing the game is a bit anti-climatic without. But yeah, time... Thank you for playing as well as for the feedback!

Thank you! I wish I had done a bit better job to teach the player what to do but there was just not enough time.

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, if I would have had the time I would have tried to make things a bit clearer. There's a book right next to the blood vial you can hover over(and click on) to read what the different ingredients do. However you need to research to unlock the content. Whenever you test the blood on a subject they die, and if needed there's the option to find more of them. Sleep does nothing except waste a day, only reason I added it was because I wanted one extra button ;)

This was hilarious all over. From the voice lines to the animations and the whole concept of blending babies! :D

I enjoyed the concept of this game. The perspective makes it a bit difficult to see what enemies spawn behind you though and after leveling up I wasn't sure if the weapon I already had would be upgraded if I picked it. The blood-clearing skill was satisfying to use and I think more of those coupled with movement could be fun, blood-surfing maybe? :D

This was interesting. Very short but I think there's potential in this. Kind of similar to Lemmings. Spamming the coffins felt kind of weird, think there could be better ideas to control the voodoo doll.