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The way the player can interact with the user interface itself is so clever, I love games that play with genre cliches! The art is really beautiful as well.

I really love the art style! There's so much detail and animation in the machine even in a pixel-based medium like Bitsy. And even in a short game, there's plenty of small details about the world the character travels in.

I don't know what word to use for my feeling after playing this other than "nourished"? It was really sweet, and the dialogue was so funny. Thank you for this good content.

Wow, it's like a great short story got adapted into an interactive fiction piece. Thank you for making this, it was thoroughly enjoyable to play!

The puzzles were really nicely done. Just the right amount of item interactions to not be too short and not too long to drag on. The music fits really well too!

I love how huge the world is! The boss was one of the most interesting ways I've seen Bitsy used for battle. I also really love the fact that there are multiple endings, I'm still trying to get the secret ending. The color changes for the different areas was a nice detail that helped make the individual sections stand out from each other.

Really really cool environmental storytelling! And great visuals. I like how the interactive objects don't obviously stand out, which encouraged me to go over the whole room to find all the dialogue

Wow, thank you so so much!! The closeups started out as a work-around of changing items in the room itself, but I'm glad they seem to work ok! And I struggled a bit with the variables to try to avoid the skipping, that's definitely something I'll spend more time on next time :) Thank you again for playing and commenting!

Thank you!! I played so many escape room games on JayIsGames when I was in school that it was the first thing I thought of. Thank you for playing!

Thank you so much!!