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Yes but, once you get the mid-tier maxed out (good to do first if you don't mind 1/5 failure chance), you can get all of 'em in 1-2 battles, then you can max out reliability and just spam tier 3s for an easy final fight.

I've been pricing mine at about 1.2x the production value, no wonder i suck rn

Apart from the instabilities cropping up in small countries across the world over the last century, Covid and this war have fucked everyone over, in terms of health, safety, finances, you name it, so you'd be right that the world's fucked.

OK but: They're in a warzone, cut them some slack, both imports and in-country production as well as their ability to earn the money to buy that are all severely hampered by it . Think with your heart, not with your dick.

3 floors from the end... again!

nah she's actually the same species as your mom: a whale.

I have the same issue.

it literally tells you this

I did this, my mac set itself on fire.

That's an inherently flawed combination by nature, hex and shrink ray both do flat damage whereas splitter does percentage based damage, and since balls have more health based on how small they are you want the higher/percentage based damage for the higher health balls. Otherwise I'd say splitter on micro and hex on meter, just cuz hex kinda sucks

1st attempt: 48 (Don't ask, obsessed with symmetry)

2nd attempt: 32

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I'd love to beta except I'm on mac. Also, what's the plan stage-wise? I managed to get to infinite mode once but surely 10 levels isn't the maximum?

OwO new title?

I think I've developed a reckless gambling addiction.

You're certainly right that only advantage items would make the game too easy, right now it's hard but not unwinable (is that a word?) it's just that I've played it quite a bit and without having a lot more or more interesting items there's not much replayability. Also, are you going to make starting shapes? Like if you kill 500 triangles you get a fast character with low health, or killing bombs gives you high health but only contact damage? Adding unlocks would massively increase replayability. Again, I do love the game and I've been playing it for months now, please don't massively change it, aesthetic and core gameplay are very well-made.

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The arms getting stuck is so fucking annoying, guess the man man isn't an efficient killer. Why the fuck can't I turn around? Also how am I meant to control this meat sack?

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I love the synergies but I absolutely hate all the tradeoff items, there are very few situations in which I would take any of them. Items with downsides are fun like poison, but tradeoffs like damage up for a firerate down seem pointless when you could just have a damage up. Maybe add more mechanically interesting items like the piercing, bouncing and OT damage? These kinds of items are my favourites. Maybe enemies explode into bullets or just enemies explode on death, or maybe shocking bullets to complement the ice and fire bullets? Once you've established a larger and consistent playerbase these more technical items that synergise will become established metas, and at that point some of the small-time roguelike Let's Players like Ailensrock and Sifd might pick this up. It's got a lot of potential. Also, love the artstyle and the pixelation option, simpler art styles always lend themselves more to roguelikes and make the game mechanics seem more refined.

You've just made a shittier version of vampire survivors, which is obsolete because there's a free demo of it far better than this on the web on this very platform.

for hagakure one just make her strip again and the service scenes should wor

the upgrading doesn't seem to work, both buttons are triggering the sell function for me

very well made

so uh i finished the game but my character's walking infinitely to the ? at the end. first time finishing, i reloaded the boss fight like 3 times if that does something

the point is the ninja mask is passive and doesn't cost energy

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Who else's first instinct was to shank her the moment you saw a knife?

that's just a mechanic, you need to kill them before they get off the ground or make space for them to land (they get tired and land after a few spaces if there's space)