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Thanks i hoped you enjoyed it as much as i enjoyed making it

Thank you for the comment. this concept was actually a last minute idea since my first game concept that i wanted to make didn't do well so this idea popped up when i was thinking of not going to submit any game. Well all in all its still unpolished and if i had the time i could remade this game

Thanks for the comment. I wasn't able to fully test the game as i made this game last minute so was unable to test it but hopefully in time i can fix the issue

Thank you for the compliment and i'm currently trying to add new things to the game that hopefully goes well with what I want to make if you have suggestion it would be

been thinking of adding obstacles like spikes or magma the idea of hidden passaage is interesting and will try to implament that in the game all in all thanks for the suggestion. Your game looks amazing the lighting just 

Thank you your the very first one to comment on my entry and i'm very happy to see a great game developer would rate and compliment my game and hope to try your game because it looks great. As such I am very thankful to partisipate in this gamejam because comments like this is what drives me to become more confident in what im doing and if there is any mistakes on my part please yell me so I can be 

Thank you for the critisism, I'm going to fix those problems later and hopefully will be better than its current state. Also I'm  a fan of your entry in the spotlight video, the art just pop and the colors make it more visualy appealing to me.

As such I'm very much happy to see a great game developer such as yourself to comment on my very first game jam