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I'm a bit rusty now with GB Studio but I'll try and do this once I have a chance

thanks for making this! It’s always amazing to watch reactions!

Nuclear disasters! Creepy Watson clips and Shade by Andrew Plotkin 

Look forward to it!

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Looks like you caught a rare bug in your video with the car changing lanes. I have fixed it now.

Reality bends as two sisters flee from a Chernobyl-like disaster.

Finally finished! A short, 10 min story-based experience, playable in browser. Minimal interaction required. 

I'm sorry about your loss. I'm glad the game can mean something to you. Thanks for playing and sharing this.

Thanks for making this! Sorry there's no sound on the Beta ROM, if that's what you used. The digital edition ROM from Incube8 has chiptune sound. If you play it in the browser there should be color and mp3 sound also. 

I’ve already been interviewed there once already but if you want another one I’d be happy to do it. I’ll message you on Instagram. 

Hey there, I have put more instructions on this page. Hopefully this makes it more clear. I hope it goes well! 

Hello, yes you can get it here:

I'll see what I can do!

I've turned on DM. Can you please message again?

I sent you a message through your site. It's kind of tricky and you're going to need to roll up your sleeves  with Javascript...

Yep that's the end. Thanks for playing! Glad you like it.

punishingly fun

War has left me scarred. More please

Thanks! Incube8 are doing a good job with promo. 

You said it well!

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I'm glad you enjoyed it! Yes, the cart version will be color.  I'm hoping to finish it up this spring or summer. It's taking a bit longer than anticipated to convert to color version, add music, iron out bugs and add French translation. If you feel like it and want to be notified when it's done please follow me on Itch or Twitter.

Thank you for doing a video!

It was a bit tricky. There's Javascript that hooks onto the Gameboy memory and that triggers mp3 sound sprites. 

Nice! Thanks for for making a video!

Thanks for making the video!

Thank you for the translation! The French version will be ready for everyone in a few weeks to a month!

I use a text file for most projects. To keep it organized I use indenting or my own hashtags to link related content of the file together. 

You can bet your firstborn I will!

Thanks for playing the game! I've had the idea of a character walking through time in the back of my mind for a long time. I let it take shape as I worked on it so it's hard to say what specific inspiration. Maybe a bit of Link's Awakening, Edith Finch or Outer Wilds?

Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed it. There are about 6 or 7 secrets, depending on what you consider a secret.  Some of them are very minor. The more 'major' secrets have to do with the river. I'll leave the forest spots a mystery for now...

Thanks for the feedback. The hair flickering was supposed to be intentional. I've removed it for now because several people thought it was a bug.

Thanks! I'm glad the choice worked for you. If you didn't see and are interested, here is the process I went through trying to "fix" it and arrive at it's current form. 

Thanks for making a video!

Thanks everyone for comments! I'm glad you're enjoying it.

Sounds interesting! I’ll contact you. 

Thank you. Go for it!

I’m glad you liked it! Keep on believing in the power of 8-bit!

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You play as Death. Travel forward and backward in time by walking through a shifting landscape. Seasons pass. Characters age. 

A real Gameboy game that runs in the browser, with an emulator or on original hardware. Ambient sound, music and color overlays added with hacks. Playable in half an hour to an hour.  A chill, relaxing experience.