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I'm absolutely in love with the aesthetic and sound in this game. Yall nailed it perfectly!

I think it should!

Yes this version works on Windows and you can use Xbox 360 controllers!

Thanks so much! I actually replayed it and felt the same way about the enter key. The reason I did it initially is because I didn't want it to get accidentally skipped as people step through.

I'm always in awe at how you can present a really cool mechanic so well in such a small package!

I'm really glad you had fun! I loved watching you both play it 😁

I'm so glad to hear it! Thanks for the support 😁

:) thanks!

Sorry I'm not planning on doing any more work on this game

There is a link to download the game above the comments section.

Thanks! Can't wait to see it :)

I really liked this. Reminded me of summers in high school and college. Really miss the free time I used to have in those days.

Absolutely beautiful. I share a lot of the same feelings you do and it's really nice to hear I'm not alone. Thank you so much for making this.

The music was hauntingly beautiful. I totally understand what it's like to not want to leave the comfort of your home. At least, that's partially what I felt this was about. Really liked that your actions affected the music (from what I could tell). That's something I want to explore in the future. Nice work!

Thanks Sean! The audio did what it was supposed to then :)

Hahaha graphics quality "BAD" was pretty great :) I LOVED the music around some of the shrines

This was really interesting overall. I don't know if I fully understood it but it made me feel like I was sorting through brain artifacts to piece together memories. What did each of the shrines represent? Wasn't sure what the artifact for "lull" was either. Really dug the aesthetic you had going on in this!

Couple of my favorite journeys:

  • Held sleep for exactly as long as needed and exited right after releasing.
  • Slept forever and left well rested. The timer started doing funky things and I thought that was pretty cool.

I really liked that random people got on and off at each stop too. Nice game!

No I think it's controller only, sorry.

Thanks :) I hope things get better for you too!

You need 2 to 4 controllers hooked up to your computer. Run the game then have people press "A" or "start" to join in. After 2 people join you can start the game.

Glad you liked it! Thanks for playing!

Using the control stick or d-pad of a controller. Let me know if that doesn't work!

I don't currently have a Mac to build this on but if I can get my hands on one I'd like to!

Yes of course! I'd love to read it when you're done if you send it to me too. Thanks for checking it out.

No problem! Thanks so much for playing and sharing about yourself :)

Yes you can! I do ask that you provide a link to the main page or download for the game in your description as well as a link to my twitter Thanks!

My monetization permission can be found on my website here if you need it and it basically says you can monetize videos of anything I create.

While working on this I got the chance to organize all of my common scripts so that was really nice. I also got to mess around with generative music for the first time and have some ideas on what I want to do with it in the future. Pretty happy with how mine looked and felt but I did have to make cuts that would have improved it. The only thing I didn't like about it was how serious it comes off :) I generally like to make more upbeat and fun games.

True :) I completely forgot to do a timelapse. I'll try to remember for future work though because it's always awesome to look back on them.

Wish I saw this earlier! I've made most of my assets already but may have one more big one if I get the time. If I do I'll record it :)

I just meant exporting it as a package within your repo ( You right click > Export Package... and then select all the files for the package. Unity zips it up nicely into an asset that's easier to import.

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These are great! I'm really excited to dig in to how you wrote them (and I'll probably use them for the jam too). One thing that would make it even better is if you exported everything as an asset package so users only had to import the asset.