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I give this game 5 stars. I don't know how original this is, but i certainly enjoyed it a lot.

Overall the game was pretty good. I would wish the shift mechanic was more clear, because some times I would die in what seed to be a random way. The game was also very difficult, which is not necessarily a problem, but maybe start out a little easier.

I finally beat that 50000 score!

Really great game, definitely a five star rating from me. It feels very polished, and I really enjoyed the mix between pinball and and exploration of the different screens. I'd wish the hitboxes to click the intractable objects were bigger, so you could more easily hit them, but otherwise it's pretty great. I hope to see more from this game.

The idea has some potential. The mid-air control were really stiff, and that made a lot of the deaths feel cheap. And maybe add more enemies on screen at once. Otherwise, great art and music. I would really like to see more of this game.

I really like the art style, but the gameplay is not that great. Maybe make it more clear, when your out of bounds, and make turning faster as you speed up

Cool concept, but the obstacles get kinda repetitive.

"The developer has not uploaded a game yet..."

Am I missing something?

Actually, this game was called not tetris at first, until I found out a similar game by the same name existed

Thank you. I think i turned out pretty good, and i'm glad you did as well. 

I'm glad you liked it :)

Thanks :)