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You can use 7 Zip or Winrar

Hello, try this:

In the first screen press "Login with Patreon", it'll open your web browser and generate a new key once you login

Hello, what issue are you having exactly? Please check the FAQ here:

Yes, this is definitely planned for later in development

Do you have any more details? Is there an error message?

Unfortunately I can't help with payment issues, you'd have to contact Patreon or try a different payment method to resolve this

Sorry for the late reply - Quest version 0.5 is out now and includes Male characters, POV mode and 5 new toys. You can spawn up to 5 characters, record animations and save/load scenes. Environments had to be simplified for performance reasons but the core sandbox experience is still there.

Hey yeah that CPU is below the recommended spec but you should still be able to run it without crashing.

If there's no error message it usually means there's a software/hardware conflict. Or maybe your Antivirus.

Yeh it does support it! Steam VR is required to play in VR mode

An update was released recently (v0.4)

Thank you for the awesome feedback!

The $10 build has most things unlocked, lots of toys, multiple characters, scene saving, animation recording and more. The $20 version has some extras toys, a giantess scene, and other experimental features.  You can read more about the differences on Patreon:

Yes the Patreon version has a lot more features, including scene saving, ass and pussy penetration and lots of toys.

I'm currently working on PC version 0.9, Quest will get an update after this!

There's no free version for Quest but you can get the current build here:

Look in the game folder and run the prerequisites installer found here:


Hopefully that will get it running!

I've not heard of Paysafe but Patreon accepts most debit/credit cards and Paypal

This version is for PC but there's a sideloadable Quest version available on Patreon:

You can also play this version on PC and the Quest 2 with link cable or wireless streaming.

Hey what problem are you having exactly? It should work as long as long as you have steam VR installed. Just download the file and extract it with winrar or 7zip, then launch Captain Hardcore.exe to play.

There's a standalone quest version already:

I don't have an SHA file, make sure you're using an up to date version of Winrar, or try 7 Zip instead

I'm thinking of a Steam release eventually, but there's a lot to do first

I'm afraid I don't have a date planned yet, it's got a long way to go still

It will be released here when it's completed!

I already did!

Hey! The Galactic Trader version has scene saving so you can save scenes with poses. Saving poses on their own is a common request though so I might add it in the future.

I don't know how big the finished game will be to be honest, there's tons of content to add still!

Hey, make sure the game window is focused by clicking on it, hopefully that helps.

The IK spheres? In the game settings you can set them to always show, show on touch or always hide.

Hey, install the Unreal Engine Prerequisites by running this installer found in the game folder:


Hey, this version is PC only. You can get the Quest demo .apk on Patreon here:

Hi, yeah, it's the free public version and was included in the bundle as a free demo to check out.

No, tracker support is only in the Patreon version