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i understand, thanks for replying :)

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here's what i like so far:
i personally love the 2.5 art style, i think you did a great job with the animations and did a really good job mixing new and old FPS

game feels great, love the head bop, and the movement is fantastic, it's really enjoyable to sprint around and jump, and slow motion is really fun and rewarding when you're able to keep it going

love the option to dual wield certain weapons, it's honestly really fun sprinting with dual pistols or shotguns and blowing enemies away

some thing's that could be improved:
personally i thought the enemys with scythes was misused in certain spots
the first introduction to the enemy isn't a problem sense it was in a very open area, but in the more closed spaces in level 4 they can easily trap you and kill you in seconds without time to fight back

maybe turn down the recoil a little, while alot of recoil can be fun and add to the chaos, i felt like it was a little too exaggerated on some weapons, especially with the dual pistols

some nitpicks(definitely something not to be taken seriously):
would be nice if the sounds where more meaty

would also be really nice if there was some check points, or at least get all your weapons back

but overall definitely a fun game, reminds me alot of the game F.E.A.R, and i can't wait to see more progress of it 👍👍

thanks for playing and your posting your comment!

thanks for the feed back, and yeah i sorta agree with alot of the problems, i think the problem with the pointless walking was that the other two killers are more slower, and it takes alot longer to find you, plus i also didn't have time to finish any signs that guide the player to certain points(a problem made worse by having a path split in two at the start that leads to two different objective's), and i was going to add like a shooting range that teaches the basics of the shooting, how to reload and etc, but i didn't had time, overall i'm glad to hear that i got one scare out of someone, so thank you

enjoyed the video lol, yeah really reveals alot of problems with how the player learns to play, i was playing on adding a shooting range where it teaches the basic but i didn't had enough time

hey pretty decent game, i'll admit the game play loop is a little repetitive but i like the little story and the graphics does it job

awesome! glad you enjoy the jam, can't wait to play the game

thanks, and good luck to you

we only do Computer RPGS

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as long the game was started around july it can be submited, also it can be in whatever engine you want, that includes game maker

nope, i'll keep your submission, but next time i would suggest you submit a game that fits with the Game Jam, your game isn't bad or anything but it's not really a RPG

you can do that, there's nothing in the rules that saids you can't make a 3d RPG

hate to say it but according to rule one it isn't allowed

1: characters that have skimpy clothes or show some skin are allowed, but DON'T have them be a minor, DON'T make your game about sex, or any fetishes, and
if your game have a character like that, please put a warning in the project page and in the start of the game
tho it might not be allowed, i am curious with how it would turn out so i might be looking out for it

cool game

thank you very much. and thanks for the follow on twitter and itch


oh that's a cool idea to focus on the holes. thanks for the feedback

thanks you very much

thanks, i'll keep this in mind if i ever try to make another game like this again, also this is the first time doing stuff like sound design, so the feedback is very important for me

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thanks for the stream i really enjoyed it,   especially alot of the comments like "The killer is basically Sanic. He HAS to go fast" and "streaming call of duty now? this channel has gone downhill" was the one putted me into tears(in a good way), but anyway i'm glad you liked the game. i hope you enjoyed it as much as i enjoyed you're stream

glad you enjoyed the feedback, i might as well give my piece of advice for the movement, try doing a high deceleration and a low acceleration, and a maximum speed, so if you want movement like sonic you can lower the acceleration so it takes some time to get up to max speed, but when you let go of the button you can add a high deceleration so the character can quickly break, maybe you already know this but in case you don't i suggest trying it, very handy method of movement, anyway i just hope you had fun

as a nice story, and the graphics are pretty nice(reminds me of Atari 2800) but sometimes it get's sorta blinding, and the story is nice, cool little adventure game

btw here's the video of me playing this when i was streaming the entries(sorry for the bad frame rate)

i enjoyed the gameplay more then i expected too, but the movement can use some polish(very slippery) and i really liked the story and the references(did not expect a full metal jacket and bob ross reference, you really got me there), and i also love the character design, the music(while repetitive) as a nice vibe to it, for being unfinished you did a pretty good job

you are allow to take inspiration from art, but not directly steal it, so yeah you are allowed to do that

thank you for your support, and yeah glad you notice i am the host

yeah i would have too

thx :D

oh enemies would have been a fantastic idea, sadly i never thought of it, and yeah i dunno what's happening with the jump button ;-;

sure, seems alright to me

thanks, glad you like the concept

hm, sure why not, as long it doesn't effect the art style of the game i think it's fine

for me it's just that i want to make a bigger game then most game jams would allow, and i also like RPG'S

hey i played the english translation, i like it i just wish there where something more to it then just, well staring at her feet and a brief dialog option but good job

cool, can't wait

i hope you finish the translation soon