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Really, really amazing tool!

You can press ctrl+s to save and while holding control, you can press the minus and plus button to change font size. You can also quickly load text and bf files by dragging them onto the ide. 

Thanks for your feedback! Although I'm not sure if I'll make these shortcuts customizable since that would be a lot of work and I'm not really interested in working on BF Designer anymore. 

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I created my own classes that extended the Javax.swing components so I could customize how they look. I also used UIManager to change the color and font of certain components as well.  For the icons on the buttons I used some of these fonts as text for the buttons. 

Hope that helps :)

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Because I got a virus on my pc and lost all the code along with all my other projects... Seems like my excuse is better than yours! But seriously, I really want to try that 3d modelling viewer thing you have. I'd love to use it to experiment with my own shaders. 

have you played my game? What do you think?

Awesome little game you have here! I think it looks really cool and has some really nice effects and style. I enjoyed the boss fights. Some recommendation I have are to make the controls better ('s' is very difficult to press fast) and it would be nice to be able to use 'A' and 'D' to control my character left and right as well.Also when you die I would make the music keep playing and not restart since I really like the soundtrack you chose and I wanna hear more of it but I keep dying making the music restart. Overall I enjoy your game very much and am excited to see what you have in the future. 

P.S. Would you be so generous as to check out my game I made? Here is a link to it. Play it and try all the different modes, weapons, and maps, and tell me what you think!

Here is a link to it if you aae kind enough:


Hey I've updated the game with sounds and gameplay changes! Try fiddling with some of the settings in the options menu too!! 

Thank you so much for the suggestions!

Lmao ok sorry

i dont want to download this game since you haven't given any gameplay or expllanation as to what the game is. Also change the thumbnail, it looks attrocious

Okay, tell me what you think, comments, suggestions?

Cool little mobile game you have here! It is good for time wasting or waiting. Would you mind checking out my game too? Here is a link:

- fellow game developer ;)

Nice little game you have here! The gameplay is fun and Ilike the art style! Would you mind checking out my game too? Here's a link to it:


Ground War is an action-packed platformer shooter meant for offline play. You have the option to customize your class, killstreak, map, and gamemode for maximum fun! There are a wide variety of weapons to fit your playstyle and a selection of maps and gamemodes to keep you busy. This is a student project that I put together in 2 months. 

Nice game, I love the art style and the gameplay is smooth. Would you mind checking out my game? Here is a link

you can change the Bot Difficulty if necessary

Nice game, I love the art style and the gameplay is smooth. Would you mind checking out my game? Here is a link

looks like someone's watched the movie Pixels

cool assets but thats not pixel art

cool assets but thats not pixel art

awesome tool!

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yeah I thought so. Im gonna make a game similar to this style sometime soon.

What engine was this made in?