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Thank you very much for the feedback! I'll start working on a map as soon as possible, it's a quite difficult task


Thank you very much for the feedback! I will try to fix it in the next demo updates. Also I think that in the full game I will add an opportunity to choose the difficulty level

Дякую! Ми не встигли це дофіксити

Ми не встигли це пофіксити

Ми не встигли дофіксити, доречі, кожна точка спавну може створити обмежену кількість ворогів і якщо постріляти всіх то можна буде йти спокійно

Дякую за фідбек, просто не встигли пофіксити це

Looks awesome!

Short but cool game!

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It would also be cool if you added an edge climbing animation like in Blasphemous

I have a few ideas for animations

Landing after a heavy fall (like in "Momodora RutM")
Jump attack
Using magic and than magic attack

It's cool! Simple but fun

Is aseprite file included?

By the way, I am learning pixel art right now, please,loo my first works.

Dark character

girl character

It's cool!

Thanks, it's my first asset. I appreciate your kind words

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It would be cool if you add animation of an upward attack when the sprite is jumping and something like attack in dash

It's cute, I used it in my platformer.

Ok. Thanks

Okay, but it's too long, I'll try to edit it myself. Thanks

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Ok, thanks, I am waiting for a new update. I hope it will come out soon. I want to use this asset pack in my platformer.

I bought this asset, it looks nice but there is a problem with the background, I need several layers of background separately to make a parallax effect. Please make several layers of the background separately.

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I really like these pixel art houses. Can you draw houses for winter levels?

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Thanks for the feedback! You also can run upstairs using X. Did you kill the main boss? What do you think about music in this game?

Very cool game!

Great game. Good music and nice graphics.

Great game!!! I liked the graphic style and music.

Very cool and atmospheric game.


Thank you for the feedback.


I liked this game because it has exciting music and unusual graphics.

Brilliant! Beautiful graphics and interesting gameplay.

Nice game!


Thank you for the feedback.

Thanks for the feedback.

Blocks do not appear on the right, but the game is good.


Thanks for the feedback.