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All that info was amazing! It was a bug, It did softlock it!
Thank you for finding the bug! I fixed it, just redownload the game, and you should start on the exact spot when you play again <3

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Hmmm. It depends, so
When the red light turns on, you have about 3 seconds to stop. You wait a few seconds until you cant see it & hear it.
If the speakers turned on, while that was happening, as long as you don't reach 100 noise, you can hit the lever on the speakers to turn it off.
I'll check if there's a bug on my end though, just in case.
Question: Did it work the first time? Turning off the speakers?

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1.The creature lurks in the water, you need to listen using headphones. You'll then see it's red light. if you don't see it's red light you're safe.
2. there is no flashlight, everything is interactable on your tool belt. The event about turning off the light, there's a light bulb that is the only thing lit up you turn off.
3. Listening & paying attention to your surroundings is important.
Hope that clears it for ya! :)

<3 steam page is up! 
So many people ask for the Soundtrack ;D



Thank youuuu :))))

I don't like jumpscares unless they're earned and few ! 

Can't wait to see the rest!

Thank you for the response!

If I get a steam deck to test my games, I wouldn't mind any negative reviews for it if it didn't work but I do not have one to test any of my games on.

The only reason Notebook entries was approved was that steams internal team tested my game on the steam deck, which was a surprise haa

I'll take a look to see if I can improve certain aspects before the release!

(⁠◡⁠ ⁠ω⁠ ⁠◡⁠)


This game was not made for steam deck.

Performance was not changed since it made for PC's and no one had a problem there. 

In all honesty im afraid that if I would give you a key, you would give me a unfair negative for something I never stated it would work on . :(

Since you gave this game a a bad rating on itch for that reason .

Those ratings hurt us more than the public would know.

Thank you :)

heck yaaa!! Awesome, thank you for the patience and support ✧⁠◝⁠(⁠⁰⁠▿⁠⁰⁠)⁠◜⁠✧

Okay It got removed ,hopefully it works now!

Since it has nudity, it might cause issues in Germany laws but let me know if it works.

I got it! 

Should be fixed my Friday.

Sent a support ticket to Steam, it was due to Germany blocking certain categories with nudity. I'll message you here this week when it's fixed.

hmmm, I'll take a look it might be cause of the nudity? Do you have your steam page to accept 18+?

I'll check tomorrow :)

(⁠「⁠`⁠・⁠ω⁠・⁠)⁠「 heck ya!

<⁠(⁠ ̄⁠︶⁠ ̄⁠)⁠> thank youuuuu!

Thank you :)

That is the point, it's a game about darkness. You don't miss much by looking at the floor, since most of the scenes that have horror have lights or sound cues. :))

The fear by looking at the ground was the whole concept, if that didn't engage with you that's okay :D it wasn't for you hehe

Thank you for playing!

Oh my gosh, I'm so late to this, I didn't see the notification, that would be an issue on itch, you would have to msg them which I'm sure you have already :)

Yesss & Thank you!

╰⁠(⁠⸝⁠⸝⁠⸝⁠´⁠꒳⁠`⁠⸝⁠⸝⁠⸝⁠)⁠╯ yayy! 

Much love, Thank youuuu!

Ahhhhhh thank youuuu! Hehe

You flatter me, I really appreciate it so much! *High fives*

I'm starting the next one on Monday!!

Thank you for the criticism:) I greatly appreciate it!

And wandering confused was the intent :) since you're transversing a house only, I wanted you to feel that darkness, never knowing what's coming !

And thank you so much for playinggggggg (⁠ ⁠╹⁠▽⁠╹⁠ ⁠)

All my current games are in the same universe :)

Thanks for the video and criticism, if you're talking about the footsteps from morning to night, it was purposely made that way :)

approx 15-20 mins depending on what you do.

You can replay it also ,since some scares alter depending on some choices. :)

;D I hope everything works!!! I'll be waiting to watch your video!


Thank you very much,

Yaaaaaa, you're not, it's just new things I'm trying out that's others don't haa don't worry about it.

so the thing jumps and scatters behind the table, you look under to see if it's there but it's not.

So it lands on top of the table and scurries away.

I could've improved it, I had some ideas but the deed is done haa


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wouldn't call that very haa but letting me know what you use would be useful,since you're the only one reporting that issue, like

Do you use 2 monitors? Did you close the game and open it again, did you ever alt tab, do you have a mouse Config program, Graphics card Version, etc? :)

Did you try vsync on?

I saw your video and didn't really look like you got lost. You followed the trail In a forest that makes you feel lost.

It's hard to see since you broke your glasses :O but hey thanks I guess haa :)

:)) thanks!!

Please don't spam, one post :) don't delete it and repost thank you very much!

You posted already :) making sure there is no spam


hiii! I saw your name and knew you were from steam haa ;D thank you so much! 

Thank you so much for the support for this ,Notebook entries & kind words!

 hope you enjoy the next project!!!!

Quinnnnn!! Hii :) nice seeing you here ! 

Dang well thank you so much! I hope I don't disappoint :O


yayy glad you liked them!! I totally agree, thank you for seeing the potential of this getting better with a budget!

The next is gonna be a doozy!! :D

:)) sweet hehe

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Thank youuuuu, I saw what happened. If you were farther from the table just by a lil bit, you would've seen something, I fixed it, Ima upload the new version soon. much appreciated!!!!


Thank you! My last game Notebook Entries was also stated to be a diamond in the rough. So thank you! I hope you support the weird horror games incoming!