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Haa Gotcha! Ya I get buys, but not much comment activity :p
Much love <3

Hey it's completed! But There is an update I was planning that expands the lore & Gameplay, but its TBA right now :)
Currently working on another project!
Thank you buying my weird little game haa!!! :D <3 
any questions or feedback, reach me here, or twitter!

Appreciate it!!!

Unreal Engine 4 :)

Much love Lainey!!!!!!! :)

Aha Gotta love it ;D Good luck Khaos!

Did you look at the Raw and Cooked Icon? :) Pink Square is raw and the brown square is cooked.
Make sure it's not overcooked as well,which turns Black!
Let me know if that helped!

Potential fix up, if you still have problems, let me know and I'll provide an email that you can send me more details or a photo if you may, thank youuuu! ^_^

oh yes that's perfeccttttt, patch will out come out between 5-7 pm pst :) I appreciate it Jannie!!! I know whats causing it! I just need to make a fail safe script just in case :D

Oh & do you see the manager come out and open the back door to walk to the back?

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Gotcha! I know exactly where that wall is. After the manager opens the backdoor, and closes it , the wall should go away. :) If not, i'll look into it. I appreciate the kind words hehe

No worries, if you need anything else, just reply back ^_^ <3

Also, the game has been updated so if anyone has stacked on top of each other ingame, please update, your save should still work! ^_^

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Hey, you have to throw things away! :) The trash cans you see, just left click on it when you have something in your hand.