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that's super strange ;D thank you thank you!!! It was fun making them, the next one's crazier haa

If you want to go in order play just a peep and it'll continue from there.

Hmmmmm. Can you attempt to play other chapters and see if they work?

:) I saw your playthrough thank youuuu!!

thank you thank you!!!!!

Oh my gosh! Yessss! You truly saw that effect! It's just something I felt listening to music and watching some old horror asian movies that triggered some emotional feelings to be brought into horror games. A part of me is in all these chapters, and I will continue that approach for vol.2. Thank you!!!!

Wow! Personal favorite this year! Sheesh. Thank you! I really hope you enjoy what's to come from me :)

I appreciate it :D"
Hehehe, no you didnt miss anything!
;) most chapters talked about 423 or 995(0909 will appear at a later date) in the world! It has 2 meanings!
1. it's part of the world and will continue in my horror games for a reason!
2.  in real life, it's a sentimental value :)

:) thanksssss! I replied on youtube! I hope you do! Vol. 2 should be a great addition!!!

Yayyy! *hugs* Thank youuuu! Ima watch now hehe

Okay! Fixed the walk cycle bug. Tinkered with some stuffs!

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No problem!!! ;D The Criticism is super valid. I actually LOVE that you took the time to write it out for me! And thank you for the upcoming video, the publicity helps so much!!!!! I actually have known your website/channel for years now hehe I appreciate it!

Splitscreen: I can add a bit more distance or like you said, a wider look. Easy peasy.

Intermission: Is super simple,if it attacks a direction, block that direction. if it defends, attack the opposite direction. I think I just need to make the tutorial easier! I will remove the rotation of the up and down arrows to not confuse players. You also have to walk to the cards to interact with them, the slow movement is part of the gameplay, since the timer can hit zero if youre too late. So Ill fix these things! easy!

I think I hit something: I think there's some small improvements to add, but I'm happy with the outcome!

Dont look UP: I  know exactly how to terrify players at the end. I just ran out of time to add it, BUT if it will improve it, and hopefully get players to buy this game... I will add it!!!

Just a peep: I feel like it ends abruptly? I can add more tension or a small build up.

RRC: I had fun with this!! :) Thank you thank you! I agree, the repeating can be a drag, but its part of the story and gameplay ;D I might leave it be for now!

Sheep's gun: This chapter beat me up, Took the longest to do. I just forgot to press a button in the code to add the walk cycle, cause its in there haha woops! I can fix that!

Alone: its a sub chapter of splitscreen. After the elevator, you were in a white room. At least I hope you were ;D

Again thank you, I will add, and adjust certain things these next few days, I think I can finish all of this by the end of the week!
I dont know if you recorded gameplay already, but if not, wait til the next update, everything should be settled by then.
AND again thank you so much! DM me anytime for a chat :)

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Hey!!! Thanks for the feedback!
I can increase the walk speed! I can increase it in the beginning of splitscreen before things start getting hectic then slow it down! Sheeps gun goes by fast, I didnt think it would be an issue, but I can adjust all the walk speeds by like 15-20 percent! I'll look into the bug tomorrow! :) Anything other thoughts? Like what kind of other polish? Since this may help on steam release! :o
*Bug Fixed.

Hmmmm. Could possibly be a certain prerequisite package to install or Reextract the file if you havent already. Let me take a look on my end!

Haa Gotcha! Ya I get buys, but not much comment activity :p
Much love <3

Hey it's completed! But There is an update I was planning that expands the lore & Gameplay, but its TBA right now :)
Currently working on another project!
Thank you buying my weird little game haa!!! :D <3 
any questions or feedback, reach me here, or twitter!

Appreciate it!!!

Unreal Engine 4 :)

Much love Lainey!!!!!!! :)

Aha Gotta love it ;D Good luck Khaos!

Did you look at the Raw and Cooked Icon? :) Pink Square is raw and the brown square is cooked.
Make sure it's not overcooked as well,which turns Black!
Let me know if that helped!

Potential fix up, if you still have problems, let me know and I'll provide an email that you can send me more details or a photo if you may, thank youuuu! ^_^

oh yes that's perfeccttttt, patch will out come out between 5-7 pm pst :) I appreciate it Jannie!!! I know whats causing it! I just need to make a fail safe script just in case :D

Oh & do you see the manager come out and open the back door to walk to the back?

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Gotcha! I know exactly where that wall is. After the manager opens the backdoor, and closes it , the wall should go away. :) If not, i'll look into it. I appreciate the kind words hehe

No worries, if you need anything else, just reply back ^_^ <3

Also, the game has been updated so if anyone has stacked on top of each other ingame, please update, your save should still work! ^_^

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Hey, you have to throw things away! :) The trash cans you see, just left click on it when you have something in your hand.