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When you need to anwser the questions on all five doors in the corridor in chapter 3 the rooms won't unlock. I found the anwsers in the scripture in the main hall. I've tried putting the anwsers in starting with a cap, all caps and all small letters, but every door remains locked. Please fix this. I can't continue with the game like this.

I'm sorry to say this but the game was kind of disappointing to me. The beginning was alright, although it made you pick who to hang out with before you even really got to like anyone. I liked the background story of the characters do, it sounded like you really thought about it. But then the ending came so sudden. You are just talking too a couple people and BAM suddenly you are getting raped next to a corpse. That guy didn't even seem so bad yet. Just a annoying boss. I think this could have been a good story, but is just feels like the middle part of the story disappeared. You go straight from the introduction to the ending. I'm not trying to be mean or anything. I think commentary is helpful to writers, so they can improve themselves. I hope it helped you.