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An Otter Team

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Thank you chickadee! :)

Thanks Petipois! Glad to hear that both the art and puzzles entertained you ^^

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Thank you Lotskie! Very happy to hear that. We do intend the game to be a good tea break game :)

Thank you for your kind words! ^^

Thank you! :)

Glad you liked it my potato-majesty! :)

Thanks! It's quite catchy isn't it? ^^

Thank you eloras!

Ohoy Jack! Really appreciated that you took the time and made this video :)

Noted! ^^

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Thank you for your support sandersonia! Can you think of a certain easter egg that you would like us to include in our next map? :)

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Great idea Orchid! The NPCs could drop new artefacts to create a sense of progression perhaps :)

Probably update this one, but we also want to develop new levels for touch screen next :)

Happy to hear that you like the game! Cute and funny is indeed what we aim for.

And thanks for the suggestion, we will sure check that out :)

Cheers! So cool you made a walkthrough. We are building more levels with different themes right now :)

thanks <3