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The music was hype, I like the idea, and the colors are neat. The spherical warping is awesome.

I thought some parts of the gamefeel were kind of off, for example if the tiniest corner of the player is in water you can no longer shoot instead of it being like the center part of the player or even the part holding the gun.

Also the hitting boxes of the bullets should probably be two different boxes for colliding monsters vs colliding walls. It's too easy for bullets to clip walls that they seem like they shouldn't be touching.

Very pretty, cool music. The butterflies are sweet.

The game feel was quite off though, there wasn't any "coyote time" to jump after you reach an edge like there is in other games. The jump arc felt off, maybe too low but floaty at the same time? The hurtbox of the player was too large compared to enemies. Often I was blocked by blocks touching my head that I did not expect to block me. The levels often had blocks placed in a frustrating way, just barely too high to reach from the ground. The way the enemies block you after colliding felt strange and inconsistent.