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Oh, that explains it, thanks! As to what Wine is, you can find it at, and it's basically just a way to run Windows apps on non-Windows systems. Thanks for replying!

I made the previous comment when I wasn't well versed in programming-type stuff, but today, I remembered, and I wonder, how do you get Linux support on a exe that I run with wine?

Never, unless the developer decides to make a web based version, so either use Crostini (the Linux shell for Chromebooks) or (my favorite option) install another os alongside your Chromebook (if it's a company Chromebook you may need permission).

Its the tos of microsoft, but without the long boring parts

Good, have fun:

try using the x64 version

press "more info" then "run anyway"

Unzip it to a folder, then look up "how to install windows because i cant even run a program by double clicking the executable in linux"

Hey just saying, this project has been copied to softonic. Don't download from them, please.

Look for Aground Zero, coming out sometime later!

Give the alchemist the dragonblood, just follow the alchemist's quests and you'll get two


Please, don't play at school unless you are allowed to.

Then buy the full game maybe?

Don't play at school, but there is a demo at the top

Probably not

I think you have to be 13+ to have an account....

No, I can't find the option, could you direct me to it?

Why are parts of the game Spanish and others English?

(1 edit)

I beat the highscore with autobounce 2 times

EDIT: Now thrice

Ctrl + Click on it

My friend uses a mac

ah thx

yea im just gonna be on the safe side but if I need this ill get it

Why does windows defender think this is a virus? Is this a virus?

Me to

You can't :-(

The smaller the name and the less input/outputs you use the smaller the chip

I use Linux (and Windows, but that's beside the point) and I don't know ether, so I will explore and tell you if I find it.

Just use an or gate

OK thx a lot now i can play with my friend


My Linux Computer is Failing TERRIBLY on the audio. Try getting Linux support pls