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Sorry, but no. The game is only compatible with Windows right now, and I have no plans to make any mobile ports due to the complexity of the game's controls and gameplay.

Yes, the worms can be beaten. Focus on avoiding their attacks by paying attention to the pebbles they spurt before their attacks, and getting in hits where you can do it safely, rather than tanking through hits - Crisis Point's combat is focused around mobility and dodging. As you already noted, destroy the rocks to get health when you need it, and make sure you purchased the Skill that pulls in health pickups and doubles the health gained from them, too.

As far as Steam goes, sorry, but no, I will not be using it as the default customization. Their controller tool has caused me far too many headaches already to put any trust in it as a developer, with how often I have to troubleshoot somebody's gamepad not working, only to find out it's because Steam is messing everything up. That doesn't mean you won't be able to use the tool of course, you still can, but I will be keeping all of my current controller customization options, as well as any future options I implement, and using those for the Steam release.

I can understand why the button prompts being different may be confusing, I use a DS4 myself and it took quite some time to be comfortable with the Xbox prompts that most games use, but Crisis Point very rarely uses button prompts - they're only really there for the initial tutorials - so until I find the time to implement an in-game method for configuring which button shows as which prompt, it wouldn't be too difficult to just ignore the prompts for now, since you're almost at the point where tutorial prompts pretty much stop appearing.

I don't use reWASD myself, so I couldn't tell you, sorry. I just found it while looking up controller configuration programs that work with the NSPC specifically.

Sorry to say I don't have any title artwork at that size, either. I'm sure we'll get one eventually, since we are planning on a Steam release, but that's still a long ways off

Those menu options aren't disabled, it's just that the menu option you're currently on is highlighted to make it easy to tell what you're picking. I understand why it might've been confusing though since you didn't know how to navigate the menu, sorry for the inconvenience.

As far as Steam goes, that's just a side effect of how it works, unfortunately. It's incredibly annoying because there's nothing at all I can do about it but warn people that Steam interferes with gamepads in some cases, outside of that I have no control over it and no way to fix it, it's all on Steam's end.

You have a few options in regards to making your gamepad work with the game:
-First, you can make sure Steam is closed so it's not interfering, then use the Options menu in Crisis Point to rebind your controller. I can't guarantee every button will work, but since the NSPC has a pretty standard amount of buttons, I imagine it should all work fine.
-Second, you can add Crisis Point to your Steam as a non-Steam game and use Steam's controller configuration to your advantage. I honestly have no idea if this will work, since I've never tried it myself, but theoretically it should.
-Last, you can try using a program like reWASD, which is one of those programs I mentioned before that remaps your controller to be like the standard layouts of a PS4/Xbox controller depending on which options you use. I don't think this would solve the issue Steam causes, so you would probably still need to quit out of Steam to do it, but it would also have the benefit of helping with other games that don't natively support your controller.

If you'd rather just skip the gamepad and play on keyboard, do keep in mind the Controls section of the options menu - you can very easily rebind all of your controls to use the arrow keys there, if WSAD is uncomfortable for you. Those rebinds will be saved across multiple sessions too, so you won't need to rebind every time you play or anything.

There are a multitude of volume options plainly available under Video/Audio in the Options menu.

What kind of gamepad do you use? Crisis Point should support Xbox and PS4/PS3 controllers with no issues. If you have a less common controller, that's likely the reason why, and your best bet would be to find a program that converts that controller's inputs to Xbox inputs. If you DO have one of those supported controller types, then chances are you have some program interfering with button inputs - this can be anything like JoyToKey and DS4 Windows, though by far the most common one, and the likely culprit for you since you say Steam games work fine with the controller, is Steam itself. Steam has a built-in controller configuration tool that interferes heavily with non-Steam games that natively support PS3/PS4 controllers, preventing inputs from registering properly. If you do use one of those tools, please try turning it off along with Steam and see if your gamepad works properly then.

The default controls use WSAD for movement, and JKLI for other inputs, closely mirroring the layout of a gamepad. If you can't get your gamepad to work, try using those keys to navigate the menus, where you can mess with controls to your heart's content to get it feeling comfortable.

Pido disculpas si no entiendo su pregunta, estoy usando el traductor de Google porque no hablo español, pero haré todo lo posible para ayudarlo a resolver este problema.

Cuando dice que los controles dejan de funcionar, ¿quiere decir que el juego no le permitirá volver a vincular los controles o el juego se bloquea por completo? Si se bloquea, ¿podría copiar el texto que aparece cuando se bloquea el juego y pegarlo aquí? Si el juego no se bloquea, ¿estás usando un teclado o un controlador de juego? Si está utilizando un controlador de juego, ¿qué tipo de controlador de juego es? Si está utilizando un teclado, ¿en qué tecla está tratando de configurar sus controles? Es posible que su teclado tenga teclas diferentes a las mías, y es posible que el juego no reconozca ciertas teclas que no son de Estados Unidos. Además, si está intentando cambiar los controles a cualquier función del mouse, tenga en cuenta que Crisis Point no admite los controles del mouse, por lo que tendrá que usar el teclado exclusivamente.

Actualmente no tenemos planes concretos para agregar subtítulos para otros idiomas. Sin embargo, nos gustaría agregarlos para algunos idiomas si tenemos los recursos para hacerlo más adelante en el desarrollo.

Sorry, we don't currently have a release date and aren't planning on announcing one until the game is very close to completion. We want to be very confident in the date we put out and wouldn't want to let people down by announcing a date we can't stick to.

You're not missing any enemies, sorry for the confusion! There are 3 spots for enemies in each area because that's the number of unique enemies we plan on introducing in each, but not all of them are complete and available in-game yet. In the Summit, as you noticed, there's one slot that isn't filled yet, both in the public demo and all Patreon builds.

No need to apologize! BE is Breast Expansion, a feature that's not actually available in the public demo, but has been in Patreon builds for some time now. There are enemies in the game that will make Alicia's breasts larger with certain attacks, and when in that state, the H-scenes change as well. Previously BE used to slow you down immensely and prevent you from jumping, so it's been in need of an overhaul for a while now.

Hey man, I'm sorry you had such issues with getting the controls to work! I hadn't considered the difficulty non-US keyboards might have in navigating the menus, so I apologize for that. Mouse support is something I've been wanting to add for a while now, I just haven't been able to find the time for it yet. Our menus aren't really built with mouse support in mind, so there will be a lot of work involved with it, but it is something I plan on doing eventually. Knowing that it is such an issue for non-US keyboards, I'll try to make it a priority, but it will still take a while to implement, so I'll have to ask for your patience while I try and get it working.

Hey, super sorry for the late response, I don't think gave me a notification about your post! The $10 tier will get you access to the most recent playable version of the game, with all of the content we've made so far. Thanks for wanting to support us, it means a lot!

Hey, thanks for the question! Unfortunately a mac release really isn't in the cards right now, I have my hands full with just Windows at the moment. I'm not going to rule out doing one eventually, but if a mac release DOES happen, it won't be until after the game is completed, sorry!

Thanks for checking out Crisis Point! The shots getting quieter is intentional, though I do plan to implement a toggle option for it. The shooting sounds always felt a bit too loud when used for more than a few shots, especially with certain upgrades like the Rapid Trigger. Gradually lowering the volume when shooting in rapid succession felt like the best way to fix this without lowering the volume for all the shots and making them feel less impactful.

Hey man, thanks for the kind words, I'm glad you're enjoying it! Sorry to disappoint you a bit, but I'm afraid you can't actually get that powerup in the public demo - it requires an ability you don't get until the Deep Soil area of the game, which is only available in Patreon demos. If it makes you feel any better, it's a blaster chip type rather than a brand new ability :p

Hey, thanks for taking the time to record a playthrough man, I enjoyed watching it! For the aspect ratio, I'm afraid it's not really possible to change it. The game's environments are designed around the current aspect ratio, and the code/engine wouldn't really allow for changing it without a huge amount of effort on my part, as everything was designed explicitly for the current ratio, rather than being modular. One of the curses of being relatively new to game development when I started Crisis Point, sadly. That being said, I'm definitely going to be looking into ways to support multiple aspect ratios in future games!