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They're only in our Patreon updates. I post updates like this about what we're working on everywhere, so people can follow the development even if they're not pledged to us, but playable updates beyond this demo are only given out to our $10+ patrons.

Use the Wire Shot, the upgrade you just collected. There's more areas to use it in other than the room you get it in. Look around for the glowing spots that mark Wire Shot platforms.

Where exactly in the game are you? Are you still in the caves area, or did you reach the Summit? Have you killed either of the two boss fights included in the demo?

Hey there! Sorry to disappoint, but our Patreon version of the game has no integration, and we don't plan on adding it. Our Patreon campaign is a continuous thing, you only get new playable updates while you continue to pledge, and my understanding is that integration would make it so anyone who gets the Patreon version on itch would have permanent access to the game and every future update, even without additional pledges. Because of that, it doesn't work for the way our campaign is set up.

We're not planning on adding impregnation.

It's a false positive, your antivirus is flagging it incorrectly. It happens all the time with .exe files, since .exe's are the filetype that the majority of viruses use, and unfortunately there's nothing I can do to make antivirus programs understand the game is safe.

I understand a false positive can be concerning, so if you need any extra reassurance that there's no virus here, take a look at our page here - we have 83,000 downloads, and you can look back at our community posts and see that yours is the first post about any kind of virus in the >2 years since we uploaded this demo. We definitely would've been removed from the site by now if there was any kind of virus included

Ah shoot, sorry - I completely forgot that this demo actually saves files in the Crisis_Point_2019_Public_Demo folder within local appdata, rather than the Crisis_Point_Extinction folder. You just need to go to that folder instead and delete the keys.ini file in there, then reboot the game, that'll set all the controls back to default!

The Steam version of the game will come out once the game is finished. We will not be doing Early Access on Steam.

My apologies, I implemented some code to try and prevent that type of problem but apparently it wasn't thorough enough. I'll try to  implement a fix for this in future versions.

For now, you can reset your controls by going to your local appdata folder, then the Crisis_Point_Extinction folder in there, and deleting the keys.ini file. If you don't know how to access your local appdata folder, simply press the Win+R keys to open a Run prompt, type %localappdata% in the box that appears, and hit enter, then find the Crisis_Point_Extinction folder.

Thank you for bringing this bug to my attention!

The game is never going to have widescreen. If it was a simple process then sure, but widescreen support has huge implications for the game as a whole, it's not just as simple as expanding the screen boundaries; it allows you to see far more of the screen than intended, which would reveal secrets hidden just off screen, require a huge change in enemy AI and behavior (unless you want enemies standing in full view and not doing anything), and many levels in the game would need to be redone entirely as they're not large enough to fill a widescreen space.

You're not supposed to be able to reveal every possible area of the map the first time you go there; it's a Metroidvania, you often need to come back later with more upgrades to be able to fully explore.

It sounds like you've reached the Summit already, if you've unlocked the ability to view CGs; you need to explore more there and find some upgrades. If you really want explicit information on where to go, then starting from the beginning of the Summit: you need to head through the indoors area after the platforms at the beginning of the Summit, then once you come out of the other end of that building, head upward as far as possible (which requires going through a building, heading right, and dropping down onto an area just above an save point), then follow the path until you get the Wire Shot upgrade. Then use the Wire Shot to explore further.

Like I mentioned before, it's helpful to check your map and see where you didn't finish a room or go through a door - while it's true that often you can't fill them in without future upgrades, the correct path will always be in one of those spots. None of the critical paths in Crisis Point are "hidden" in the way certain metroidvanias hide them, so the map is an invaluable tool for finding your way forward.

You can also leave custom map notes on each square of the map, so in cases like the one you're talking about where vines/ivy are blocking the path, you can leave a note there saying "vine/ivy blocking the exit" or something to that effect, so you can easily remember what was there later on without having to actually go there

We used to maintain a walkthrough in the very early versions of the game, but keeping it properly updated with the game's environments occasionally shifting added a lot of work to every major update, so we stopped doing it a long time ago. I intend to add a feature where talking to Rodriguez has him give you a direction/hint as to where to go next, but beyond that I don't intend on keeping any sort of official walkthrough

It sounds like you're still at the very beginning of the game, so I'd advise listening to dialogue with NPCs (they often give big or small hints on where to go next), and using the map to explore - if you look at your map, you can see chunks of rooms you haven't filled in yet, as well as doors that you haven't gone through yet, and going to those rooms and checking them out is usually a pretty good place to start when you're stuck

With the Hoverjets, make sure you familiarize yourself with the two abilities that gives you (holding Jump in midair to slowly descend, AND holding the Dash button after a grounded dash to continue dashing horizontally - this also works when you go off a ledge, allowing you to dash over large gaps).

With those two new movement abilities at your disposal, go back and explore the upper area of the Caves until you find another upgrade, then head to the upper areas of the Summit and explore there using that new upgrade.

I'm sorry, but there's not really enough information about where you are in the game for me to give you any advice. What was the last upgrade you found, and the last new area you explored?

No, it will only ever be available for our $10+ patrons. The v0.42 free release we did recently was a one-time thing; I don't plan on releasing any more free versions of the game. The only exception will be an updated demo once the game is finished, but that demo will only have the same amount of content as the 2019 public demo, just with all the polish and changes added to the game since then.

Try not to assume one specific path is the way forward; if a path seems impossible no matter how much you try to get through it, chances are it is impossible, and you need to find another route. Explore around, use any new abilities or upgrades you've found to see if you can find another path forward!

Sorry you ran into issues with this! The controls are listed in the Options menu; the defaults are WSAD to move/K to confirm/J to cancel. You can use the mouse to navigate the menus if you're having trouble with the default keyboard controls, though, and the controls are fully customizable, so if you don't like the defaults then feel free to change them to something that suits you better!

Link has now been removed, thanks for pointing that out!

There is no double jump, no, we decided to get rid of it in favor of more interesting movement options. You can activate infinite jumps in the Debug Menu once you reach the end of the demo, though! Just be warned that they won't save after you exit the game, like other debug mode options.

Hey there, sorry for any confusion! The cheapest Patreon tier to get the latest version of the game is our $10 tier. Thank you for your interest in supporting the game!

If you're playing the public demo, then you're not missing anything - you've just reached the end of the demo. There should've been a screen saying as much after defeating the second boss. The collectibles you're unable to reach require upgrades you can't get in the public demo

Anyone who's ever pledged $10 or more gets Crisis Point at no extra cost once it comes out, which is much lower than the final price of the game will end up being. There's no need to continue pledging for the entire game's life cycle, unless you want to get every playable update; you can follow the development for free too, which is why I post development updates everywhere rather than behind a paywall.

Continuing to release every version of the game for free wouldn't make much sense when the final game will be sold, not free; that would mean the version before the final version is free, and there's very little point in buying the final game. I stopped releasing Patreon builds for free once I felt the public demo had enough content to decide if you want to buy the full game or not, and given that the public demo has over an hour of content, I'd say there's plenty of content to decide on that.

Other developers do what works for them, and I do what works for me. Thank you for following the project, but please don't feel obligated to stick around if you don't like how I do things!

Yes. All playable updates to the game are Patron-only.

The public demo will receive another update near the very end of development, but it will contain the same amount of content that the current one has, just with all of the polish/features added to the game since then.

Hey, thanks so much for the bug report! I've never encountered that one. Luckily it's a fairly minor issue, nothing gamebreaking, but I'm glad to know it exists so I can fix it!

You jump through thin platforms by holding Down to crouch on them, then pressing Jump. You can also just hold Down while in midair and you'll automatically pass through platforms while falling instead of landing on them.

Very sorry to disappoint, but I'm afraid web browser support won't be happening. Coding for web is a very different, much more limiting, and much more difficult process that I just don't have the time or expertise to handle. I've considered making the public demo itself web-compatible, and I might still pursue that in the future, but the full game will definitely not be web browser compatible

Yes, but not until the game is complete.

I'm sorry for the confusion, but the demo available here on is specifically a free, public demo with limited content, and will not be updated with more content in the future. Crisis Point: Extinction is a paid product and I believe the demo length is more than sufficient to decide if you want to buy the full game and support us; if you've defeated the tar boss at the top of the Summit, you've seen more or less everything in this demo.

All the updates I post about are only available for our $10+ supporters on Patreon, while the game is in development; once it's complete, I'll definitely be selling it on, but until then the only way to get the most updated versions of the game is through our Patreon. I hope that clears things up for you!

Sorry, but there won't be a next demo. Crisis Point: Extinction is a paid product, and playable demos of the game with more content than this demo will only be for our supporters on Patreon. Once the game is fully complete, I plan on releasing another public demo, but it will have the same amount of content as this one, ending after the 2nd boss fight, just with any improvements we've made since this demo came out.

I'm sorry? What do you mean by "sleep dart"? There aren't any sleep darts in the game, so I'm not sure what you're talking about there. I'll look into the other bug though, thank you for the report

Sorry, but no. The game is only compatible with Windows right now, and I have no plans to make any mobile ports due to the complexity of the game's controls and gameplay.

Yes, the worms can be beaten. Focus on avoiding their attacks by paying attention to the pebbles they spurt before their attacks, and getting in hits where you can do it safely, rather than tanking through hits - Crisis Point's combat is focused around mobility and dodging. As you already noted, destroy the rocks to get health when you need it, and make sure you purchased the Skill that pulls in health pickups and doubles the health gained from them, too.

As far as Steam goes, sorry, but no, I will not be using it as the default customization. Their controller tool has caused me far too many headaches already to put any trust in it as a developer, with how often I have to troubleshoot somebody's gamepad not working, only to find out it's because Steam is messing everything up. That doesn't mean you won't be able to use the tool of course, you still can, but I will be keeping all of my current controller customization options, as well as any future options I implement, and using those for the Steam release.

I can understand why the button prompts being different may be confusing, I use a DS4 myself and it took quite some time to be comfortable with the Xbox prompts that most games use, but Crisis Point very rarely uses button prompts - they're only really there for the initial tutorials - so until I find the time to implement an in-game method for configuring which button shows as which prompt, it wouldn't be too difficult to just ignore the prompts for now, since you're almost at the point where tutorial prompts pretty much stop appearing.

I don't use reWASD myself, so I couldn't tell you, sorry. I just found it while looking up controller configuration programs that work with the NSPC specifically.

Sorry to say I don't have any title artwork at that size, either. I'm sure we'll get one eventually, since we are planning on a Steam release, but that's still a long ways off

Those menu options aren't disabled, it's just that the menu option you're currently on is highlighted to make it easy to tell what you're picking. I understand why it might've been confusing though since you didn't know how to navigate the menu, sorry for the inconvenience.

As far as Steam goes, that's just a side effect of how it works, unfortunately. It's incredibly annoying because there's nothing at all I can do about it but warn people that Steam interferes with gamepads in some cases, outside of that I have no control over it and no way to fix it, it's all on Steam's end.

You have a few options in regards to making your gamepad work with the game:
-First, you can make sure Steam is closed so it's not interfering, then use the Options menu in Crisis Point to rebind your controller. I can't guarantee every button will work, but since the NSPC has a pretty standard amount of buttons, I imagine it should all work fine.
-Second, you can add Crisis Point to your Steam as a non-Steam game and use Steam's controller configuration to your advantage. I honestly have no idea if this will work, since I've never tried it myself, but theoretically it should.
-Last, you can try using a program like reWASD, which is one of those programs I mentioned before that remaps your controller to be like the standard layouts of a PS4/Xbox controller depending on which options you use. I don't think this would solve the issue Steam causes, so you would probably still need to quit out of Steam to do it, but it would also have the benefit of helping with other games that don't natively support your controller.

If you'd rather just skip the gamepad and play on keyboard, do keep in mind the Controls section of the options menu - you can very easily rebind all of your controls to use the arrow keys there, if WSAD is uncomfortable for you. Those rebinds will be saved across multiple sessions too, so you won't need to rebind every time you play or anything.

There are a multitude of volume options plainly available under Video/Audio in the Options menu.

What kind of gamepad do you use? Crisis Point should support Xbox and PS4/PS3 controllers with no issues. If you have a less common controller, that's likely the reason why, and your best bet would be to find a program that converts that controller's inputs to Xbox inputs. If you DO have one of those supported controller types, then chances are you have some program interfering with button inputs - this can be anything like JoyToKey and DS4 Windows, though by far the most common one, and the likely culprit for you since you say Steam games work fine with the controller, is Steam itself. Steam has a built-in controller configuration tool that interferes heavily with non-Steam games that natively support PS3/PS4 controllers, preventing inputs from registering properly. If you do use one of those tools, please try turning it off along with Steam and see if your gamepad works properly then.

The default controls use WSAD for movement, and JKLI for other inputs, closely mirroring the layout of a gamepad. If you can't get your gamepad to work, try using those keys to navigate the menus, where you can mess with controls to your heart's content to get it feeling comfortable.

Pido disculpas si no entiendo su pregunta, estoy usando el traductor de Google porque no hablo español, pero haré todo lo posible para ayudarlo a resolver este problema.

Cuando dice que los controles dejan de funcionar, ¿quiere decir que el juego no le permitirá volver a vincular los controles o el juego se bloquea por completo? Si se bloquea, ¿podría copiar el texto que aparece cuando se bloquea el juego y pegarlo aquí? Si el juego no se bloquea, ¿estás usando un teclado o un controlador de juego? Si está utilizando un controlador de juego, ¿qué tipo de controlador de juego es? Si está utilizando un teclado, ¿en qué tecla está tratando de configurar sus controles? Es posible que su teclado tenga teclas diferentes a las mías, y es posible que el juego no reconozca ciertas teclas que no son de Estados Unidos. Además, si está intentando cambiar los controles a cualquier función del mouse, tenga en cuenta que Crisis Point no admite los controles del mouse, por lo que tendrá que usar el teclado exclusivamente.

Actualmente no tenemos planes concretos para agregar subtítulos para otros idiomas. Sin embargo, nos gustaría agregarlos para algunos idiomas si tenemos los recursos para hacerlo más adelante en el desarrollo.

Sorry, we don't currently have a release date and aren't planning on announcing one until the game is very close to completion. We want to be very confident in the date we put out and wouldn't want to let people down by announcing a date we can't stick to.