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Nice. Much appreciated.

Read the update and all I can say is that woohoo, you have a plan for a break and a next project but priorities to you and your enjoyment!

Wishlist-ed the game!
I'm happy for you and the way you managed your life. Just...awesome!

Ooh, damn!
That's a lot!


I've commented before but here's one for the update>

It was really well put. For me. the protagonist's lines are not too far fetched and gels with the story.  Each girl isn't helpless as well.  :-)

I was fumbling around for the first few tries. Wanted to understand how the buildings fit together and later on the 5th test run, I understood and gun it!

I built towers sparingly and only when the pirates showed up. Walls only when I have tiles to spare in front of existing towers.

Apple trees all the way with one fully fledged farm and managed to save 67 people!

Really cool game but no longer receiving updates?

(1 edit)

Yes. That, I agree.

Monthly or maybe a bi-monthly basis is ideal and more than welcome. No need for players to hunt for their Patreon and enter their Discord but..

^sigh^ is what it is, I am afraid.

Edit: The developer has stopped updates for Polarity for the foreseeable near future. I have checked but not thoroughly. The indie developer and another are putting effort in their joint venture game, Radiant, which isn't free.

Interesting concept and an amazing game.

The potential is great, if I may say so.

Cover image is definitely slightly better than in-game but hey, it is a work in progress!

Thank you!
Your time and effort in reading my comment made my day.

Okay. Hear me out but when I went the normal way through Itch, it states that the file is hosted on an incompatible third party website but when I click on the web browser version of your game, it did redirect me to another separate tab for Mega and there, it downloaded as usual.

Either something wacky is going on with client side Itch desktop, my Internet or reality. (That last one is sketchy.)

But thanks!

PC - Windows but it is a possibility that my client side Itch is buggy (?). I tried the G-Drive link and it states that too many downloads have happened in the past 24 hours and that I am advised to wait.

On the bright side, congrats and kudos to your amazing and continuous effort. I have not played any of your creations before but glowing comments!

And what is the matter with going to the developers' Discord to learn more about the game? Something worth it takes effort. Are you implying that your own enjoyment is not worth the effort?

'Cause ooh, I am enjoying the game right now! 

The download links are either broken or exceeded download limits. If any update to the links can be addressed, that will be most appreciated.

Thanks, @Caribidis.

Hey, @Anuke, those who wants to migrate their gameplay from here to Steam and have paid, is there way to do just that?

I agree. Colouring can be a low-cost way to "improve" the graphics but nah, not a must.

Saw this game played on YouTube and didn't really take my fancy but when one of my favourite YouTubers featured it, I wanted to play it, too. Damn the influence of someone you admire.

Of course, it's not the only reason. I think the gamestyle is something I like, too. Mining and defending. TD is alright but mining and discovering new techs. Now, there's the treasure.

If you must know, my YouTuber is Incursus. I saw someone in the comments mentioning him, too. Yay for Incursus. I think Pravus, Aavak  and maybe Frazz could host this game on their channels. Giving and working with Anuke to make a sequel to this game (?)... Maybe the next one will have a story and some intriguing dialogue. Ooh! Graphics don't have to be amazing. Just maintain!

Thanks for making it free and because it's an amazing game, here's USD3.75 or MYR17.10 for you. I wish I could give more but I need food and college fees.

A nice little game. The purpose is useful for the competition and for a theme but for general players, I think it's a worthy endeavour. Really good idea!

I would be willing to pay for an average price for this game on mobile. Definitely worth the effort put into it. I like the story-line, the difficulty options, the periodic terraforming abilities which changes how the game can be played and the fact that building next to each building gives a bonus.