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Saw this game played on YouTube and didn't really take my fancy but when one of my favourite YouTubers featured it, I wanted to play it, too. Damn the influence of someone you admire.

Of course, it's not the only reason. I think the gamestyle is something I like, too. Mining and defending. TD is alright but mining and discovering new techs. Now, there's the treasure.

If you must know, my YouTuber is Incursus. I saw someone in the comments mentioning him, too. Yay for Incursus. I think Pravus, Aavak  and maybe Frazz could host this game on their channels. Giving and working with Anuke to make a sequel to this game (?)... Maybe the next one will have a story and some intriguing dialogue. Ooh! Graphics don't have to be amazing. Just maintain!

Thanks for making it free and because it's an amazing game, here's USD3.75 or MYR17.10 for you. I wish I could give more but I need food and college fees.