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The plot is too vague and symbolic, as I see it. Still an enjoyable game, gameplay feels polished and has potential to be upgraded to a higher level of complexity

Героям слава!

Very authentic! Great fishing with various tweaks to the gameplay and beautiful pixel art. English text still requires a bit of polishing here and there.

Good luck with you game! I hope the sound will be edited so it isn't so obvious that it is looped.

Гідна робота! Все повернемо та відбудуємо. Все буде Україна.


I liked the artwork very much, thank you for the game!

piercingly atmospheric, a shame it ends too soon and without much plot development

It is rare for me to finish reading an IF game. A captivating and personal story

Thank you for an opportunity!


I've sent a friend request on discord, my nickname is Annbush#3724

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This is a hit! Hope there will be a steam release.

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I am an English-Russian videogames translator, who can help you release your project to the fruitful market of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan. I will translate small projects for free (around 1000 words) and work on bigger ones for an indie dev-friendly price. Proofreading and editing services are also available!

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I am a Russian translator with a couple of translated games under my belt. I would be glad to help you with localization. If you are interested my discord is Annbush#3724

Hi, I am a freelance translator (ENG-RUS) with a deep knowledge of game dev and videogames field. I am well-educated and have work experience, but I need more to build up a better CV. I provide my services for free and always seek opportunities and localization communities full of nerds like me.  I am really passionate about my work and games overall, so lets help each other: you just have to contact me and I will help you bring your project to a broader audience. 
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