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Simple, fun, and minimalized. I love it!

Interesting concept!

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It's so everyone in your house knows you're playing Minima Wizard haha. Thanks for the feedback!

Somebody got 288 actually... My high score as a dev is 134 haha

I bet no one could beat my highscore of beating it in 42 seconds!

Interesting concept. I love the color choice.

I had fava beans and a peanut butter sandwich. Thanks for asking!

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Hey guys!

I'm the sole developer of Seas The Day and I'm proud to announce the release of this demo for the first time!

Seas The Day is a punny arcade game where you need to protect Oysty from the dangers that lay ahead in the sea.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. I will answer any question.

You heard that right. ANY question.

Try the game here!