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it was good lmao wish there's more of it

i love this game so much lmao

the characters are so good and the MC is so sassy and i love her so much

and of course Cyril is best boy out of all the boys and i wish i can se more of them again

like maybe a sequel or something cuz i wanna buy it if the creator makes more of them

( more Cyril being yander- i mean dark )

anyway 10/10 for me cuz white hair boy cute personality Cyril , funny good story and evil Mc girl all the way

Can't we buy the game there ??

well there  appear again after i load the game and start making doll and yeah the bad ending screen too

Hmmm.... Maybe i should carefully click the game :v

lmao well good luck senpai . i guess i gonna buy the beta ver soon (if i have some money again lol can I support the game by donating there ? )

it finally running faster again

 but there's a bug like when i try to make doll and this happened ( when i save the game it still show this picture )

and when it was game over and i try to load the game the screen still show game over

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All the characters are so good that i love them so much 😢 i can't wait for more game, keep up the good work Violet  😊 wish there are sequel lmao 

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Thanks senpai 😊 gonna check that soon ( still busy ) . Btw are you gonna update the beta ver of fluffland again or just post the full version soon ? ( kinda wanna buy and play the beta ver ) 

windows but right now i gonna restart my pc all over again and see how it goes

lmao i don't know how to make other dolls so.... I'm all for the spoilers ( and hoe to make yandere doll stay lol ) 😂😂😂 oh god i forgot about my old discord account :/ maybe i should make new one or you can send it on twitter or email ?

Btw does the game running  slower or ... ??

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Senpai i buy the Premium ver ( i'm thinking of buying it on my birthdays but i got the money now lmao ) and do you have the guide ? cuz i want to know the story first ( aka all the ending in the game )

are there gonna more update again or 4.0 is the last updated of the game ??

You're welcome this game was amazing and cute ( and of course i love the cat so much lmao ) i will always support you dev 😭

okay thanks for telling and keep up the good work, i can't wait for more games for you 😊

wait is this game just update again or ???

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wait what's the difference between Itch and Steam cuz on steam this game pay while on itch is not at all

or does the itch ver is the full game or not ??

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So we only can buy this game on steam and not on itch ???

You're welcome can't wait for more games for you all

i wish there's more of them or spin off cuz i miss them all ( and i kinda want to see all of them happy lmao or maybe more of their life story )

well that was F**k up that Anise do that to Mateo , i mean Mateo act like that really interesting to me but at the same time scary. when i see his past i kinda want to see his old self more

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) i kinda want to make fanfiction  of Mateo with a boy who can wake him up from that psycho personality lmao ( like beat the sh*t out of him and then doki doki *lol what the hell * )

thank you for answering my question 

well i wanna ask more but anyway i hope you having a good day

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Wow that was really surprising me a lot  .... i can't speak anymore

( Eden is a sweet girl and i feel bad for her )

Each routes was kinda scary ( except Clement which kinda cute and sweet )  but Mateo route is the most fuck up one 

Sergio deserve better boy, Lucien can't see the real best boy was Sergio all along  >:/  at least  Allegra and Ophelia are canon lesbian 

But after i already finished everyone ending and Anise one 

I know each of them has their own sad past ( their desire ) makes them want to live again ( oh boy Mateo past was sad cuz he was still young )

Wish we can see more of them cux oh boy i miss all of them so much and i kinda wanna know more about hem cuz their past story still short to me 

Keep up the good work VIOLET it was amazing games

Btw i really want to talk more about all the characters and Eira cuz i love her but .... I keep my mouth shut for now

Question ( Mateo's personality still confuses me cuz in the past he looks like sweet kind boy who love his family .  Does he actually already act like that in the past or when Anise take him with her that he changes ?? he still remember his past after being taken by Anise or not ? )

That was a good story, if y'all have some of the story please share it to me i want to see Haruka with that black hair girl ( forgot her name ) bc i am as a girl into GL but anyway keep up the good work

gonna play this game and see how it goes

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just play the demo and it was good 

i can't wait for the full version keep up the good work

oh yeah Belle sprite art is hot omg :v i fall in love  ..... but her character......

wish we can at least make Belle be more kind person ( or befriend her ) on the full ver cuz ..... really i am just a girl who love girl lmao but whatever lol 

i'm curious what's that ??? gauge is ....cuz i still can't trust Jin yet lmao

( Rei deserve better )

I miss playing this visual novel games so much (;﹏;) it was really good amazing good job to the creators of this game.  Of course i gonna download this game again cuz i remember i'm not brave enough to see the ??? ending so i only go with friendship and love ending lmao

if this game have a remake i gonna buy it right away lmao

Literally best game and the first Otome Visual Novel that i play  (T▽T) i think i play this game when i was still a teenager ( 2012 i think ) now i already an adult and see this game again really bring back a lot of memories ༼ಢ_ಢ༽ thanks sakevisual for making this game exist 

It actually kinda short but funny and good story at same time , especially how i love Emi cuz how sassy she is and how Kou is idiot but actually kinda sweet guy :) keep up the good work

I play this game when the art was still 3D and it only 2 characters with the MC too or you can say when the game first came out and the story was so good i almost cried . Good job for the creators can't wait for more of your project and i gonna download this new version again so i can know this new glasses girl :D

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Love this Visual novel so much , i play this with my old android when this game doesn't have voice acting yet , but gonna download it again to hear the voice :D i'm happy if the creators of this game make more other game bc i want to see their other project  :)