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how to get another ending ?? i always get the bad ending ?? is that it??

are the itch ver and steam separate? or if i buy it here i can get the steam key too ??

btw do you have any demo guide ??

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I just played the demo and it's really amazing game but you should check more bugs in it since i found some ( but they're not that much troubling, so it's not big deal )

btw i can't wait for the full ver so that i can get Akane and Natasha ending  ( i get Konrad first cuz i kinda curious with him lmao )

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Congrats on getting married and i hope you will be happy in the future with the one you going to be together forever.

Finally you still keep making another games and i am so happy for that , of course i will always support you with everything i got.

Good luck with you and your team making the new game and finishing on rewards for Lingering.

Don't forget to take a rest, drink a lot of water and eat a lot  ^_^

you're welcome :3 and i can't wait for your future project especially since i've fallen in love with Retrace characters so much ^^ so thank you for replying to me and good luck.

now i really want to buy it on steam so that i can play the game again since i miss them so much. 

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I've already played this game a lot of time and i just want to tell you how amazing this games.

I wanna more of this character and i want to see them more in your future project.

thank you for making this game especially the LGBTQ+ queer character, bc i love it so much.

i kinda want to buy this on Steam now since i want to play the game more and the ost too.  TvT

btw thanks for posting this game on itch since it's better rather than Steam for me lol.

thank you so much lmao i'm just scared since i am bad at english and my rambling always be nonsense to everyone ( but thanks for hearing me out ).

yeah i like type of game when they have real life problem so that i can face them in real life and stop being weak ( since i have weak body and getting sick easily that makes me wanna die and give up ) so heavy story makes me stronger.

actually not just indonesia but every country that love to play games are like that bc they want to escape real life.

ahhh you already meet Mazjojo?? now i kinda jealous lol XD

yep true and especially me who always keep hiding my own sexuality and my illness bc i don't want anyone to know that i am weak and always bullying me. 

iye lebih bagus sembunyi dr orng2 lain krn kita tak tau nanti mrk apain kita ... temen dekat lumayan tau soal rahasiaku sih dan biasa2 aja ( aku kristen ... tp tetep sama aja takut keluargaku yg religius bngt).

you're welcome and actually there's a lot of fellow indonesians that are open with this kind of games especially if they're same as me, but everyone is hiding about it while on medsos they can open up about it easily, same as me.

thank you for making such a great game and i always support you (i wish i can meet you someday and have your autograph www) :) keep getting that money for your life and food cuz getting money is so hard this day lol.

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to be honest same with you that  indonesia is still like this ( especially with me as the part of the  community which a lot of people in this country hate the most ) i think this game of yours actually hit me hard rather than Amplitude bc of the topics. while everyone wants a game or media that out of the real problems that they have right now, i want it to be on the game so then i can face them all.

some dev from indonesia that i know making type of LGBTQ themes game is Mazjojo ( my friend meet them in japan festival in indonesia ), Meiyaoi, Erda Ernos and a lot more ( which i follow on twitter ). some of them are showing their own self on public while a lot of are still hiding, so it's normal for you to hide from that. since you post this game on medsos and not sell it face to face with this country people, i think it's alright to show that type of theme freely in here without any problems ( since internet is big ).

overall i think this game is your best work for me since the topic are real and i love the art style so much ( it fits perfectly with the game ) since it kinda hard to find a game that has that type of art so good job for the artist. making the game free actually is a big nope for me since you guys working hard on this masterpiece and i think it a bit  of waste if you making it free, but it's up to you guys. everyone want you guys to keep making more vn or other games, if you want to make it. if you guys need help i can help you especially recommend all your game.

i'm writing this too much so sorry about it ( and sorry for annoying you guys with me rambling a lot ), but good luck with what you guys doing now :D

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Omg congrats team for releasing it on steam :D

maybe i gonna email you guys for the steam key, but not right now since i kinda like to play it without the launcher, so maybe when i am in the mood to open my steam account.

Congratulations again and i hope it will be successful on steam.

omg i can't wait and good luck you guys ( really this game is good so good work to the team ) :3

btw is this game still has more updates or it already finished??

ok i am going to buy the game here and thanks for answering

btw do you guys gonna make more games like this ??

cuz this game is so good

well i actually can buy the game using paypal and my country already remove paypal from steam , so it's kinda difficult 

yes i can't wait and i already buy the game on itch :D

i already follow it and i can't wait for more updates

good luck and of course i will share this game so a lot of people can play and support it

wish you all the best and if someday the team will disband cuz of starting your own family, i still support y'all for that

can't wait for the DLC :)

sorry for asking this question

does this game come with steam key ? i wanna buy the game here

btw are the team gonna make another games like this in the future ??

are you guys ON twitter ??

thanks for the answer

i'm buying the game on itch cuz it's easy to buy it here

but if i ever open my steam account ... maybe i will email you with the proof

anyway, thanks

oh i see,  thanks for telling and good luck.

can i ask you some questions again ?

if someone buying this game on itch, then the steam ver is already out and they want to play it on steam too

 so are you going to put the steam key or we should buy the game again on steam ??

finally on itch , thank you senpai and good luck fixing all the bugs :3.

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finally  :D congrats to the team ( i'm from indonesia too ) 

thank you for making this type of game ( especially since i am a bi ) and by having same sex couples and heavy dark topic about it , i love it

i always buy games on itch, but are you going to release the game on steam ? just asking :) anyway, congratulations

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 sorry for the stupid question

since i always buy games on itch bc i only use paypal

if i buy this game here and use the steam key to my steam account, does that mean i buy the game on steam ? cuz i never buy any games on steam and they ( steam ) ask me to buy games so i can add friend and more . or i must buy it on steam ?

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i used to play this game a long time ago and thank you so much for re-releasing the game on itch. if you can re-upload your old game such as Days of The Divine ,Binary Soul, Firefly or maybe some of your other games that i haven't hear about it. i want to play it again since i can't find your blog anymore. thank you and keep up making a good games

it was good lmao wish there's more of it

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I love this game so much lmao

The characters are so good and the MC is so sassy and i love her so much.

Of course, Cyril is the best boy out of all the boys and I wish I can see more of them again.

maybe a sequel or something cuz I wanna buy it if the creator makes more of them

Can't we buy the game there ??

well there  appear again after i load the game and start making doll and yeah the bad ending screen too

Hmmm.... Maybe i should carefully click the game :v

lmao well good luck senpai . i guess i gonna buy the beta ver soon (if i have some money again lol can I support the game by donating there ? )

it finally running faster again

 but there's a bug like when i try to make doll and this happened ( when i save the game it still show this picture )

and when it was game over and i try to load the game the screen still show game over

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All the characters are so good that i love them so much 😢 i can't wait for more game, keep up the good work Violet  😊 wish there are sequel lmao 

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Thanks senpai 😊 gonna check that soon ( still busy ) . Btw are you gonna update the beta ver of fluffland again or just post the full version soon ? ( kinda wanna buy and play the beta ver ) 

windows but right now i gonna restart my pc all over again and see how it goes

lmao i don't know how to make other dolls so.... I'm all for the spoilers ( and hoe to make yandere doll stay lol ) 😂😂😂 oh god i forgot about my old discord account :/ maybe i should make new one or you can send it on twitter or email ?

Btw does the game running  slower or ... ??

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Senpai i buy the Premium ver ( i'm thinking of buying it on my birthdays but i got the money now lmao ) and do you have the guide ? cuz i want to know the story first ( aka all the ending in the game )

are there gonna more update again or 4.0 is the last updated of the game ??

You're welcome this game was amazing and cute ( and of course i love the cat so much lmao ) i will always support you dev 😭

okay thanks for telling and keep up the good work, i can't wait for more games for you 😊

wait is this game just update again or ???