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Happy Valentines Day everyone!


I tried horribly to make my pet black mexican kingsnake, Aloma.

Here's my take on Garnet.

Very good! Would it be okay if I do my own interpretation of Garnet? I understand if you wish for me not to. Have a great day and keep on making these great creations!

Every Sapphire needs a Ruby.

Here is Sapphire. I tried my best.

It's a Blue Diamond I made for a user named Shady. Check out their creations!

This is Tiana. She is an artist but she is also a heavy gamer. 

Very pretty. Does she have a name?

Very impressive. I hope you are going to make Ruby too. Maybe Garnet as well?

It's meant to do that.

This is Kassidi. She is a zombie. This type of Zombie is unkillable by damage to the brain alone. You need to destroy the whole body.

This is KingAni. She's a youtuber I watch and she's really funny. Check her out.

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This is Rosaline. She has the ability to turn her victims into dolls which she collects . To others, she appears as a young 14 year old girl but when she attacks, she reveals herself to look like a broken porcelain doll.

You take a screenshot then click the image icon when posting a comment.

Ahh. Very nice. I think she and Jenni will get along great.

This is Jenni. She is a sweet soul but often scares away people before she can be friends. Reply to this comment with a monster friend for Jenni.

Anyone else thinks it looks like the breasts are a bit bigger and pushed up?

She is very pretty! Great job.

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This is Chriss. She is a dragon Princess. Next to her is her younger sister, Dyna.