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Angry Squirrels

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Cool idea ! Looking forward for the finished version !

I loved your game very much, such a nice feeling ! Very cool looking too ! Every bit of your game, I loved it.

I'm not sure if it's because of me switching door. When i got out of the elevator, i couldn't go left because the plant was blocking me. I though it was on purpose but i watched a lets play and it looks like its possible to get through. So i don't know what happened sorry. Cool games anyway !

thanks for your feedback, this will be fixed in the upcomming update along with other bugfixes.

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Thank you for your feedback :)

We're working on a post jam update and this wish won't be useless anymore :)

Thank you ! We're glad you liked it !

Thank you for your nice feedback !

We're planning an update soon with everything you mentionned :)
And some character we hadn't time to finish during the jam.

We will release this update once the jam we submitted this game to is over.

It's a bug we will fix soon !

Thanks !

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Hello, thank you very much ! 

We're planning an update soon and will realease it as a windows standalone

Hello, thank you very much for your feedback !
We're planning a little bugfixing and comfort (skipable cutscene) update soon !

Thank you for your feedback. We'll check that bug. Glad you likef it anyway !

Hey thank you very much for the mention!

Hello, thank you for your nice review, we're glad you liked it !
We're still looking for our next project, so maybe we'll continue it.

Thank you very much !

Haha, we will transmit your kind message to @illustrason who made all the musics, thank you very much !

Hello, thank you for warning us. We'll take a look and prevent download for linux until we find the issue.

Thank you very much for that funny review, we'll make sure to correct those issues in the next release

thank you for your play throught !

it's not working :( Black screen on google chrome.