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This game has really good mechanics, very challenging!

I used it on my Bombernite game, and put your credit on the page. 

He blinks with a yellow overlay... just patched the music/sfx

I am patching the sound, the dropping the bomb for one second break is the time to "make" it. I should have a progress bar, or do you think the timing to drop the bomb is too long?

I cannot get pass looping dialog intro... was really looking forward to trying it

Thank you! I am going to try and patch the sounds, I wanted focused on the gameplay/mechanics.

Thank you!

Could we extend the JAM for at least another day? There is a few things I am really close to finishing my submission!

This is a fun game and reminds me of a very old game I used to play in the early 90s!

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It is too similar to the Binding of Isaac, except with the auto fire... which took away from the game play. It is a good prototype, and the auto fire would work well on mobile, but not on a console or machine. Is everything 2D on godot or did you use 3D and rendered it as 2D?

Also, the dogs the shot two fire bullets makes it so that they stand and shot, but if you stay right in front they can never get you, I think their logic needs to be tweaked a bit.

I love the art!!

This is an awesome game! Good job!

You should make this into a couch co-op for up to 4 players and port it to the xbox and switch. Looks really good!

This was a fun shader to try out on some prototypes, thank you so much for sharing it!

So cool, what did you use to make it?

Love the music, the controls are clunk for the movement (the firing is great and rotation of the torso... i would limit the amount of rotation so that it is not a full 360 degrees, and keep like MW2 has it for something like the timberwolf). It is fun to play, did you make the mech assets yourself?

This is a really good game and it looks amazing. What engine did you use for this, gamemaker or haxe?

I would try to target the switch first

It was pretty good, it felt really easy towards the boss and then the boss showed up. Good job!

MechJam community · Created a new topic Deadline extension

Could we extend this jam for a week?

Loved the game, everything fits really well... yes it is hard and might need some adjustment on difficulty settings (the harder the longer the clicking/life of the enemy). But the combat mechanics spot on imho.

I really like it and it looks great, the only thing I would change is making the arcade cabinet take up the full screen and no tilt on the camera. The shapes of the objects to execute need a bit more detail so that you can tell them apart (or change the color of the yellow and orange, the filter makes them look too similar). You should make it take up the full screen and make an ad version, making a build for android/iOS and see how that goes. 

The graphics look really good, how did you do the flat shading? Are these sprite sheets that are hand painted or are these modifying through a shader? I cannot get this look for the life of me, is there a place that has a tutorial on it?

Thank you so much!

Awesome! If you need help with the installer let me know, I could write a tutorial (not sure where or if it would be helpful).

You should not be providing the debug version of your tool ;-). For a release you should the following:

1.  Under the project view > Build Configuration (expand) then right click on the Release and make it active  by selecting Activate.
2. Then run the Make command to build the executable.
3.  Go to project > deployment and you can find all the locations of the required dlls to bundle next to your executable.
4. [ Optional ] Use NSIS to make an installer

Is this what you meant? I struggled at first to find and deployed builds, but after doing it over a project I streamlined the work to this. Now if you mean that you want a single click solution to get your files ready for deployment you could write an application that you point to the project folder and then is able to copy, move, and bundled your deployment tool (I have not made one for my RAD projects).

I don't use it for game development, but I have used it for tools (I use C++, not delphi... but that is because I know C++). I think the UIs can be done really quick and effectively with it. You could use a theme on your application and it will make it look native to windows (they have some really slick themes). Let me know if you need help!

Hey did you make the tool with the RAD Embarcadero Delphi/C++ compiler? I am curious, I have been working with it in C++ and it is great... but getting VS libraries to be included has been difficult.

Thanks for including my game!

It is a fun little game, would be awesome if there was a boss after some number of troopers like an AT-AT

Awesome game, it can be tough to see... and for the other comments you need to explore.  I managed to get the red laser gun and then was taken out.  I think the hard part to visualize is the how the images are being down sampled into the 64x64 resolution. Not sure the engine you are using, but maybe remove any time of aliasing or interpolation for the textures? I think the game had good polish.

Great game, loved the art style too.  Are those quads just rendering the sprites always facing the camera?

You can kill the snakes, you just have to get/find the staff!

MonoGameJam community · Created a new topic Jam Extension


I am still working on my entry, I was hoping to get one more week for this... I don't have much completed, but all the monogame development took a bit longer than anticipated.  Let me know if that is possible!

Thank you so much!

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I meant to add enemies too, will do so after jam rating process. I also wanted to implement leaderboards that other users can post to, still trying to figure out an API and service tonuse.