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The game is very fun. Simple and yet difficult.

I recommend it to anyone.

Will this game be updated again on here?

cool, keep improving this!

oh ok then, That stuff is WAY more important, so take your time

I like the game, looks nice, I just think the spikes should be a different color

Its good, I just think you should be able to edit controls and make enemies stand out a bit, maybe add a small drop shadow to them. It'd make the game much more accessible.

will you add a level maker? It would be really nice to experiment with non-euclidean space

ok then, here's the episode:
I don't know how long the game is so I decided to do it in episodes

I really like your game. It's fun, challenging and imo good looking. I will send you a video of me trying to play it with no skill but its in serbian, sorry.

This game is... fine. nothing more nothing less... just fine and mediocre.

There were no updates in 3 years, have you completely moved on? or are you taking a break? Or is the update just big/complicated/hard to implement 

The link doesnt seem to work, did this shut down too?

Its fun

I like the game a lot and the addition of the pixeletad mod reminded me of the official version (3.5) and it's music. Will those soundtracks be added? Will they be added with a few more songs? or will there be only new songs?

IDK, I just like games that use that kind of lighting. IDK y

Hi, Ive played the game and its fun! 9/10 BtW whats that kind of lighting called, Ive been searching for those kinds of games for a while now!

gg dude keep it up!

Great game but I have a few questions:

Will you add texture packs? So people can switch between the pixelated textures and the new textures (And create their own packs).

 And will you allow modding in the game?

Also why don't the servers work (local)?

And will you re-add those drones witch come out to help when in combat? (If yes I'd suggest making missions where you destroy the enemy base).

Why is the easyest setting soo hard!? I cant play like this!