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Movement and the bow shooting feels really good. The art looks cool too. Great job!

It was hard to understand first what is happening but after dying like 8 times I got it and managed to win against the computer :D Awesome game, I like the art, good job!

Easy to get into, quick but enjoyable. I love the slime :) good job

The game is easy to learn, the goal is to plant the exact amount of TNT in every Towers' rows and columns as their size is, in total.

It has two modes: Climb mode, Time mode

Climb mode: You have to complete every level without failing or you start over, each level earns you one point. The person who completes to most levels will be on top of the leaderboard.

Time mode: You have to complete every level in a time limit based on your board's difficulty. Each level earns you as many points as much time you had left on completion.
The person who completes the levels in the least amount of time will be on top of the leaderboard.

You have to sign in with your Google Play account in order to access the leaderboard, in case you don't have an internet connection or you don't want to sign in, your high score will be saved locally on your device and you can check it in the "My Stats" panel. Otherwise, the "My Stats" panel will show your actual score from the leaderboard.

Don't forget to rate the app, thanks for playing!

CLICK here, it's the link to the game link

Would be a cool game, can you please add an option so I can play with my friend on one keyboard? player 2 would move with arrows or something, or integrate UNET into the game or some kind of network solution so we can play online with eachother with a host/client system.

Pretty impressive, usally i don't play 2D games but this one caught my attention, the enemy AI works very good, must have been hard work to code, keep it up! 

A new game i've made , it's about collecting coins and killing everybody else  who wants to steal them from you

You can be mage, archer, or a ninja!

Download it now for free and let me know what you think about it!