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Congrats on the new version of Trizbort! Hope all is well. It's worked so well for organizing my past 3 IFComp games and more. I'd love to get back to helping with minor features or bugs if time permits. I learned so much even from doing small stuff.

Thanks! I just put the change into source control. Just your mentioning them also motivated me to vet the good-guesses file, which turned up an embarrassing typo ("grones" should be "groans").

You found 3 new good guesses all told. has the details, if you're interested.

Thanks! Yeah, I cringed at some of  the bugs I found, but I've got a post-comp release ready to roll in potentially a few hours once voting's done. Having feedback like this helped me *not* delay a post-comp release as I usually do.

Some of the changes are convenience, like kicking you back to the Stones once you finished a north/south branch and allowing for duplicate solutions. Others are bigger, like a new hinting mechanism (a hopefully fun-annoying NPC.) There's also technical stuff that'd be perfect fodder for a devlog post here.

One of the most fun parts about VVFF was seeing the good guesses testers made, and I think they enjoyed it, too. Part of me felt a bit guilty for forgetting to try some of them, but then -- I think it was legitimately fun for testers to discover that, and I think my time was better spent with some of the technical stuff.

Hope you were able to get to the other EctoComp games as well!

BTW, if I add any of these ideas, would you like credit as well? If so, how?

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Thanks for looking at my game! I somehow missed the alert email, but having missed it for 2 days was motivation enough for me to set up a daily timer to visit, so that's good overall.

Hopefully you've been able to play and rate other games in the meantime.

I'll try and give hints in rot13, so you (or others curious) have a chance for an a-ha moment. (I didn't have time to give first-point clues for EctoComp, but I hope things make sense. And your question gives me a good idea for post-comp cluing.)

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4. gurer'f lrg nabgure eulzvat cnve gung jvyy trg lbh tbvat.

5. vg'f n jnl gb trg yrff fpnerq.

6. Vs lbh SVTUG SRNE, lbh jvyy trg lbhe svefg cbvag, naq n arj rarzl jvyy nccrne. V ubcr vg jvyy or rnfvre. V chg vg va gur svefg ebbz cbfg-pbzc, orpnhfr V guvax vg rzcunfvmrf gur tnzr zrpunavp zber vzzrqvngryl. Zl ubcr vf gur frpbaq cbvag vf rnfvre guna gur svefg.

7. V nyfb erpbzzraq lbh svaq n jnl gb cvpx hc gur furrc furrg, nf vg tvirf uvagf. Vg'f bcgvbany.

I hope this helps for more than just your first point. There are some alternate solutions, but I'm also aware of a lot that I missed that I want to put into a post-comp release, as well as a few bugs.

Hopefully the walkthrough I recently attached will help pull you through, though, if things get too sticky. If you have any more questions, ask--I'd love for QQNN to have more robust hinting for its second/final release, and good questions help with that. If you're comfortable reporting issues, the source tracker is at

Thanks! I didn't have a cover image, sadly. That didn't fit in the 4 hour time limit. I spent most of the time porting code over from my IFComp game. That will go in the bucket of post-ectocomp fixes that will include more hinting and more implementation.

Thanks much for the help! I am still pretty hazy on the terminology, so I appreciate you clarifying things for me.

I figured it would be something pretty simple, and it was, and I didn't know where to find it. But I was able to figure out a few other things, too, along with this. It helped me get my bearings.

This feels like something I may have missed in the FAQ, but I looked twice and couldn't find it, so I'll ask on the forums.

My dashboard is currently organized by publishing time. But I would like to be able to order my games so the ones I feel people will like the most are at the top. How do I do this?

I've wanted to upload more games, but because I haven't figured this out yet, I don't want to throw the more experimental stuff out there as the first thing to look at.

Thanks for any and all responses and for your patience if this is in the wrong section.

Thanks for dropping a note! I accepted the risk the subject matter might leave people stuck. That's part of why I entered something like this into Petite Mort, where I wouldn't have wasted too much effort if I wasn't able to connect with non-baseball fans, and people hopefully wouldn't feel too ripped off if they felt stranded.

It feels like putting my thumb on the scale to say more about what I was trying to do, so that will go in a (brief) post-mortem. Which I hope will be interesting whether or not people understand baseball.

Also, I've figured a way maybe not to throw everything at the player at once, for a quick post-comp release. It probably won't fix everything, but it's something I want to do as an exercise, because often my intros throw too much at the player too quickly, and I don't pace things well enough.

Hm, this is tricky, because on the one hand, I need to describe what happens, and on the other hand, I don't want to spread it out too much. I think it's standard to have a decent chunk of text at the beginning just to get the player situated, and with only four hours, it seemed like the best way to make sure nothing was overlooked.

I'll have more time to organize things for a post-comp release. But I think it might be good to pace things, e.g. the first time you move, you get advice that was in the intro. The first time you take something, same thing.

The pairs were meant to be similar things that didn't quite go together. I'll see how I can clue them better.

Thanks for the suggestions. I had a feeling there were things I could reorganize for a post-comp release. So it's nice to have more to be able to do than some minor technical tweaks.

I changed this from the web-only view to a download. I thought it would be more convenient to give people a chance to play the game on-line, but it didn't work out that way.

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Is this at the beginning? I forgot to note that the first time. I'm not sure if that's fixable in-game, now, this being a competition, but you need to do so when there's a pause in the action. Sorry about that. This isn't the first time I've neglected that note, sadly.