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Will check those links out once we got closer to the Jam date, thanks!

Also, dunno if it will be an inspiration, but lately I've been listening to Sam & Valley a lot. And also Skyward Sword OST too!

I'm sincerely torn between following the theme (I love Ghibli's animations) or ignoring it completely and going full electronic.

BTW, thanks for the Jam! I'm a programmer, but I like to mess with music sometimes. I haven't composed anything in ages and this is just the excuse I needed to finally try to make something somewhat decent using Rythm Core Alpha 2.

Composer Jam community · Created a new topic Hello!

How are you all doing?

Many, many thanks! I'll download it and share the results later.

Also, nice example, hahaha.

Thank you! If I end up using it I'll obviously credit yut. Though I'm rempted to do a lower case myself, haha.

Quick question: wich tools do you guys recommend to capture some gameplay gifs?

Thanks A LOT! I'll be using this method to my game. Now I'll prototype until I have something fun to play.