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Thanks for playing! Love the YT thumbnail!

A very neat experience! I do wish it was fully narrated but nonetheless I really enjoyed it!

A very charming game. I really like the message in this!

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12:00 mins and 319 dropped eggos :( 

Super fun and stressful game. Simple mechanic with a few neat interactions and also lots of polish! Love it!


Very cool game! Love how the camera actually goes inside the mouth of the ship (or monster?). The spawning of asteroids was a bit distracting as some of them were appearing out of nowhere or spawning inside other asteroids. Regardless, I had a lot of fun playing, awesome work!!

Very nice looking game. Unfortunate that it wasn't finished in time, would love to see how the rest of it would play out!

This is very dumb, and I love it hahaha

Simple, yet super addictive! Awesome work!

The physics can be quite janky at times unfortunately and the controls take some time getting use to (I didnt realize at first that A&D only turn you around). However after finally getting the hang of it, I managed to finally get the truck rolling and had a lot of fun in the end! Great work!

This is a gorgeous game! Both music and visuals are on point! Its was quite hard on the first few attempts, especially since you lose almost all momentum when dashing into obstacles, but since obstacles dont respawn, I was able to eventually finish it. Despite that, it was a very enjoyable experience, awesome work!!

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Those explosions look and feel great! Unfortunate you couldn't make the deadline. Awesome work nevertheless! 

Weirdly addicting haha. My best score so far is 2259. Great work! 

Was stuck on the fast shooting turret on level 3 for a good while but finally managed to beat it. The art for this game is perfect! Clean and simple! My only gripe is that I feel as if the game could be faster. 

Only being able to shoot sideways makes this game super difficult, even on easy haha. Regardless, the game is still fun and the music slaps! Great work team!

I also made a game in 20 lines of code! And while I already knew about this feature, I learned a new way to use it.

conditional operators (GameMaker Manual Link)

variable = (condition ? expression1 : expression2);

While above is what I already knew, below is what I learnt from reading the manual during the jam.

function( <parameter_1>, <condition ? parameter_2_a : parameter_2_b> );

Using conditional operators in place of function parameters saved a LOT of lines of code for my game! It allowed me to toggle between a music tack when the game is running and an ambient track for when the player dies. It also allowed me to change the direction and object rotates after a specific amount of time. Fun stuff!

Very cleaver puzzle game! Obviously due to having a 20x20 resolution, it was a little hard to tell what some of the letters were but regardless it was fun working it out! Awesome job!

Neat game! I like how distinct each world is.

I found it hard at times to avoid entering the level portals, maybe adding in some sort of button to press instead of just colliding with them might help. I also feel like the width of the game window is quite small, making the window wider would help with seeing upcoming obstacles. 

Its clear you put a lot of time and effort into this, good luck on finishing it!

I love the shooting mechanic of this game. Its also amazing how you compressed all of this into 20 lines of code! Very fun, awesome work.

Very clean and simple execution. Its also quite fun and addicting! Awesome work!

I love tiny games like this! Took a little bit before I fully understood what was going on but got the hang of it pretty fast. Awesome work!