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André Fernandes

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Enjoyed the combat a lot, felt really good to play. Very cool skills and animations!

That santa is creepy as hell. I got some genuine jump scares with this. Very cool idea and execution!

Is it still in development?

Been playing it and find it very atmospheric. Love the art style, and the level design feels really good to explore.

Combat is also surprisingly intuitive. I like the sword swing combat mechanic!

Will continue to go through the game. Really good so far!

Very cool, loved the mode switching and the boss fight, extremly satisfying to play!

Congratulations to you all!

Cacildes Adventure - Episode 1

"A coming of age Action RPG about a lazy boy who gets kicked out of his home and forced to join the king's army."

Enjoy the first episode, available now!

Play it now!


I think it would be more fun if you could move while you try to place the bridge, because sometimes you're not in the right spot and you need to interrupt the action to find a better place to stand. Placing the bridge is also very hard sometimes! You could make it have a green outline when you can place it, and a red line when you can't!

Keep it up!

Sorry for the late response. Hope you figured it out, but for anyone else with the same question: Click on the coin to start the game! ;)

Thanks Luis =) I wish you the best. Also, judging by your name, are you portuguese? Let me know if I can help you with anything. Good luck with your project!