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This is great! Thanks!

is it possible to save progress in this game?

I AM looking forward to play this on my c64 when I get back Home! Looks like a very nice addition to the C64 game library.

haha.. me to

This is a great game. Maybe the best shoot em up for C64. Very good work Sarah! Graphics is great, movement smoth, sound effects and music is good. Co-up 2-player mode is the only thing I can think of that would improve the game at the moment.

I will test that! Thanks!

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I am playing the game on a Ultimate 1541-II using the easy flash cartridge. Is it possible to save progress somehow? I don’t want to start from the beginning all the time.

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Thanks, I will test it. 

Yes, pls! :)

Yes, I can do that, I should have one.

I use a real C64

Really nice game! but I agree with rodoherty1. I would prefer some kind of checkpoint system so that you don't start from the beginning all the time. 

Explains a lot. Let’s hope Gideon’s Logic will add support for it then.

Why is there no .crt file for download?

How do I load the game on a 1541 Ultimate 2+ ? 

Ok, thanks for the update!

I got an email about updated packages to download. What's changed?

Looks great! I have to check this out ...