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Good work! This is a really good game. I hope we can see Space Station 24 one day ;)

I hope you consider doing a sequel to this game!

A very good game for the C64. Good work!

Experience the ultimate challenge with this classic snake game for your C64 home computer. Featuring a twist that renders it almost unplayable (no, we're not kidding), this game pushes your skills to the limit. With lightning-fast gameplay, a minimalistic monochrome design, and hair-pulling frustration, it's unlike any other snake game you've encountered. Prepare for a battle against yourself as every point becomes a struggle. And just when you think you've started, it's already over. With support for multiple modes and a high-score table to track your agonizing achievements, this game will push you to the edge. 

Are you ready for the most maddening snake game of all time?

This is a small tool I created some time ago primarily to learn assembly programming for the C64 home computer. It has been sitting on my hard drive for several years, and now I've decided to upload it to Perhaps someone will find it useful.

I've encountered numerous issues with my joysticks, which led me to rely heavily on this tool following my attempts to service them.

Download your copy at:

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This is the best missile command game I have played on the c64. Close to being as good as the Atari version. The mouse support works so good in this game. Wish more c64 developers add support for mouse. The only thing missing is a high score table saved to disk. Good work! 

This is great! Thanks!

is it possible to save progress in this game?

I AM looking forward to play this on my c64 when I get back Home! Looks like a very nice addition to the C64 game library.

haha.. me to

This is a great game. Maybe the best shoot em up for C64. Very good work Sarah! Graphics is great, movement smoth, sound effects and music is good. Co-up 2-player mode is the only thing I can think of that would improve the game at the moment.

I will test that! Thanks!

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I am playing the game on a Ultimate 1541-II using the easy flash cartridge. Is it possible to save progress somehow? I don’t want to start from the beginning all the time.

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Thanks, I will test it. 

Yes, pls! :)

Yes, I can do that, I should have one.

I use a real C64

Really nice game! but I agree with rodoherty1. I would prefer some kind of checkpoint system so that you don't start from the beginning all the time. 

Explains a lot. Let’s hope Gideon’s Logic will add support for it then.

Why is there no .crt file for download?

How do I load the game on a 1541 Ultimate 2+ ? 

Ok, thanks for the update!

I got an email about updated packages to download. What's changed?

Looks great! I have to check this out ...