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Thanks for the credit and donate. Also the concept of the game is quite nice. There are a lot of games like this on mobile. Maybe if you think about it and expand it, you can find a market there.

Hi, I have 16gb ram. I'm using RTX 3050ti 4gb vram. Is 4gb vram enough for model? How much steps can I go with 4gb vram?


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free for all, redistribution  and sale assets prohibited. Commercial and personel use free

I don't need this pack but your art style fits well with the theme so I like it

It's png

What is your project

free for anything

dude this is awesome

Thanks, i like the game but the game repeats. Controlling the spaceship may become more difficult as you progress in the game. It just has to get a little harder as you progress.

I can design 3-4 planets if you want. It will help your game look better. 

if you want to contact my discord: Kubrick u ile#4535

Hey if you want you can use my pixel planet pack for free:

dude the package looks very good, but it might be better if you put an opaque image on the front of the image because someone can steal without buying

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  •  184 Banner in total
  •  63 Real Country
  •  19 Editable Banner
  •   More banners will be added

Get it here:

-Version 2.0-

60+ New Banner (İmage contains ONLY the real country flags of the second version)

Simple but functional