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great use of sounds

Wow, we really appreciate you taking the time to record a video review! Watching you play was really helpful from a feedback perspective as we work on improving the game for the next update. Glad you found it enjoyable!

Thanks! We have had the exact same thoughts and will work on improving the game for the next update.

Thanks! We'll work on more obvious player hints going forward.

Thanks for the feedback!

Appreciate the comment! We'll look at ways to make the game less tedious.

Thanks for playing our game!

Glad you enjoyed it!


Thank you!

Appreciate the comment! We'll think about adding voice overs for sure.

Thanks for the feedback, we'll work on the controls!

Visually stunning, responsive controls & a very polished experience!


Thanks! And it'll be finished soon, we promise!


Appreciate the feedback! We'll definitely take that into consideration moving forward.

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Thanks, we have a great artist on the team!

Thanks so much!

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Thank you!

cool idea :)

Simple and fun, loved it! I only got 21 achievements and it's going to bother me all day.

Wow, great work putting together all this content for the 2 week jam! The action cutscene was a great addition. I'm currently stuck at the door requiring a keycode.

Short and poignant, well done!

top-notch writing!

I couldn't resist going left!

The art and sound came together really well, looking forward to seeing future updates on this.

Very retro, love it!

That makes sense! I might implement some of your suggestions in the next update. Thanks for the feedback man. 

Thanks for putting this up! Here's a game I made with your character (added you to the credits as well).

Thanks for putting this up narehop! Here's a game I made using your tileset (added you to the credits too).

Hey Luiz, just wanted to thank you for these assets :). I used them in my game with credits to you: