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Hi! Thank you very much for your kind feedback! Please, check the version of the app, in previous there were borders around text elements, but in the latest version I didn't see any border, even with pngs

Couldn't open on macOS 12.3 running on an M1 chip, removing it from quarantine doesn't help also. Nevertheless - nice tool!

Thank you for the kind words! :)

I like the way how you implement layers for images, very easy to use!

The Library of images is also cool! 

Pleasure to use :)

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Lovely flowers! Eager to see what else this L-system could generate! nice job so far :)

I can't try your tool, but the video shows it's a pleasure to use! I like it :)

Very nice! I'd play with it for a long time! unique pictures can be created by the combination of three effects - stylish, simple, and cool!

I can't run it, but the images are cool :) 

Nice sound effects

A good solution for selection - you modify the node by name only, if the name differs - a new node will be created! Has real-world usage - building graphs is usually a pain, but with such a tool, it becomes easier!

Nice! It does one thing well :)

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I like the eraser functionality where I can see its path! Also, the name is fantastic :)

Very smooth! Has real-world usage, but maybe with the addition of batch export of similarly looking rocks. I was satisfied with zooming inside the rock :)

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good good good! I like the cracking and the sound effects, and especially that you can't divide by zero)

Fun thing, remind me of happy meals from the 2000th! 

47!) very nice! 🟡🔵

I'd like to, but I have only macOS available

Hi all!

Please check a new tool to make a collage from your photos - it should be easier than in photoshop :) I would be happy to see what you can create with it, post your images in the comments section :) It would be nice if you rate Fluid Compose at the jam page

If you'll encounter any inconveniences - I'll try my best to help, simply post your question in the comments section :) have fun 

Nice thing :)

very very nice! I am happy that this game is working on my M1 powered Mac