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If I want to hide control, what should I write?
I am using mv.

Also, I got an error when I tested of conditions

Edit: I just solve it problem, I didn't write condition correctly, so it works!

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Hello Hakuen!

I want to ask you something, It's about a map scene, how I can specific a map where I can use it control or not on the map id?

For example, I have map ID 33, and it's about cutscene with tutorial, and when I transfer to another map ID 34, it will start the game and show controls.

Is there way to make it? I don't want to make all maps id available controls, I want a specific map where I can use it

I have a question, When I deploy this game and start to run for testing, the player will start selecting a language (such as English, Japanese, etc...), Did you actually make it?

Good news! I finally solve it problem for real!

Now I can modify my project and publish it, thanks for wonderful plugin

Check the gameplay

Finally it took me 6 or 7 hours to figure out a script for moghunter abs.
But there's one thing I forgot to ask you, do you think I can publish as IOS for iphone? or it's only working on android?

Ok, it will be difficult, but I will try.
One more thing, is there way to hide title menu control? like I want to use plugin command to hide for title, and press new game to show control.

Hello Hakuen!

I am thankful you made for mobile, but there's something I really want to help me with moghunter chrono abs:

1) I am really happy that it's working for me, but when I press Correct mark icon (Z keyboard) it won't show me attack.
2) How I can add more buttons? since I know you made samples few things, but I want to add more like magic menu, item menu, cast magic, and use item.

Because I will make beat em up in rpg maker mz.

I really like it your plugin and this is what I need, but I do have question:

Does it have a dash sprite when I press shift to dash and change image sprite?

Hello sir!
Can I use it on MV/MZ? I know it's for RPG Maker 2003/2000, but I can resize it and modify if that's okay for you. Of course, I will put your name that you made tilesets.

I really love it! do you think it will work for MZ?

Can I use it in my project? I am making RPG Maker video game project.

sorry for not responding, I was having issue with the job.

About that, yes it’s RPG Maker MZ, I used JABS ABS gameplay.


I really loved your work, but when I test the game, there is an error

I would like to discuss with you something important about my project, if you are free or not.

It's good and I am really happy you made, but I think you need to update since I saw your video demo

Check this video, you might need to fix it

See the red, what language is it?

I need to add in my project.

Yes; Because I will use these language in my project:
1) English
2) Japanese
3) France

What about the pictures that I saw menu (Mr. Raze, Pig and Carta)? What language did you use it?

Hello sir, can I ask you something?
I can even use Japanese fonts and some other language in rpg maker? Or it's only English?

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A new version 1.2

  • Fix some issues.
  • Add gamepad and keyboard configure.
  • Fix a few translations.
  • Modify fullscreen game.
  • Add some animation.
  • Fix the keyboard input for "ITM" and "ITU".
  • Fix the skip cutscene for removing black screen.

I really love it, but I need to know for using script.

what should I write for script?

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Hello, mine I have version is 4.4.1, so HOW I can update?
Is there way for tutorial?

Hello Mahcneto

Are you free to talk with you?

like request 

Hello! Are you able to make a commission? Because I need 1 plugin for the item menu.

That's really awesome, but I don't dot event in minimap, if you could update plugin for event dot.

Hello sir,
I would like to know if there's a commission or not?

Hello sir,
I would like to know if there is a commission in here? Or not?

Hello Archeia and Dr.Yami,

I would like to ask you if there's a commission plugin for MV/MZ?

Are making a commission? Because I need a plugin for MV

Hello TSR,

Do you have a commission? Because I really need a plugin for moving platform in MV.

On second thought, I figured out suddenly, I finally complete my puzzle 4 of 4.

It was fun really, mostly I laugh is second ending.
But I was shocked in the last ending, Harold is overpowered. Hahaha...

I hope if you can make in MZ 

I played this game, but I couldn't figure out about the code (trees, bushes, and rocks).
I got 2 endings (Bad and comedy), the two others ending I couldn't figure out.

Does it work with images?

Hello Sir,

May I use your awesome tileset?

I might use yours. So I need your credit name.
It should be NYKNCK? Or you have another name?

A new version 1.1

  • Fix some issues.
  • Make it easier 1st boss battle.
  • Fix a few translations.

Hello sir,

I like this plugin, but I have MV.

So can you do MV?