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Anayã Gimenes Ferreira

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a gente acordo antes das 10h, mas foi top num ter q fazer otro lo

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ops sorry about that, we finished what we could in such a hurry some stuff was left behind 😅 I changed the game jam description to add some context, if you want to see it and give us some feedback it'd be greatly appreciated 🧡 anyway tnks for the feedback \o/

Thanks for the feedback 🧡 we didn't have time to work on the more gamey part, the objectives and whatnot, game jam feels over here. but it's really cool seeing how the worst part really is what we didn't have time to do, anyway, thanks again for the feedback \o/

Thank you for you comment and I'm really happy to see you enjoyed 😁😁 I'm really glad to see that the only gripe you have is the part we didn't have time to do hehehe. The idea was to have requested books that you need to deliver to the table and books that you need to deliver to the bookshelves, like how librarians help people get books and organize books back into place, and do wall that in the best time possible while controlling you book stack. Well that was the big plan, but we are really happy with what we ended up doing and that you enjoyed!!! (oh right, I'm the game artist, the submission is in our studio account)

oohhh really fun and cute art! congratulations on your game <3

Oi gente, acabei de ver o link no telegram da jamtastic, a arte está bem legal, mas a falta de qualquer instrução me empacou completamente no jogo. Como é um jogo de jam eu diria pra vcs apenas colocarem instrução ou na pagina do próprio itchio ou antes de começar o jogo, pelo menos até um tutorial ser implementado. Boa sorte pra vcs :D