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The “Anarky Museum” is a virtual gallery where users can exhibit their works of art as if it were a real museum., with many customization options so that your gallery looks the way you want.

 In our museum you can organize events, do live meetings, promote your art with a virtual party in our virtual world.

Anarky Museum is just the beginning of a more ambitious plan. Make an open world full of interactions between users.

 Of course, doing something like this is complicated and takes a long time to develop. That’s why we will launch our museum and every so often we will update it to scale it to the point of becoming an open world.

 We want you to be able to see what we do from now on, to be able to test it and give us your feedback, only in this way can we ensure that we give you the best service.

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Card game where you must choose 6 cards. These cards have a unique value randomly established on each side.

Once on the battle board you must carefully choose the card with the highest value to deal damage to your opponent's card.

For each hit you get a point, the one who accumulates the most points is the winner of the round.

To win the battle you must win at least 2 rounds.

For each victory you will get tokens according to our reward table.

You need a Metamask wallet to play, we use Metamask as a means of securely logging in and delivering rewards .

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