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Hey there! The PDF and the card files zip are two separate files; you can grab the PDF from the downloads page. Hope this helps!

The prebuilt Roll20 version is only available through their marketplace, but the Card Files zip included here has everything you need to get a game set up manually if you prefer!

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What a fun session, and a wonderful org to support! Thanks for sharing your playthrough 😊

Issue 004 included design for a game I'm no longer distributing materials for, and so I unlisted it. Thanks for checking!

Thank you so much for the lovely comment! I'm so glad you had such a good time with it!

There's one in the works! The state of the world makes it hard to give a specific date, but I'll be posting a playtest version of a short Mystery soon™.

Thanks for letting me know; typo fixed!

Thanks for pointing that out! I've fixed the "inspires" issue, though it looks like the second one is just a peculiarity with how Aller's (the typeface used here) lower case L looks directly before a period when viewed at certain sizes.

Thanks again for the heads-up! The file has been updated here on the project page if you wish to redownload it.

Easily the best worldbuilding game I've played! There's so much room for creation and imagination, but the game never leaves you without something to build from.