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all of the answers to the first question moved me to the second one .. so I thought they all return to the same path and didn't finish them all to the end .. only did with the correct one first time .. just tested it again and figured out I was wrong sorry for my misunderstanding xD

your game is bug free, congrats :D
but man ! it would feel good to find some bugs :c 

That actually sounded like a real game lol xD .. well done
I really liked the UI it was neat and nice ..  did you make the game with  Ren'Py engine ? 

the music and sounds were creepy which is great in another meaning. the art was also beautiful I like them both   ..

you had a nice concept in there but the short game was really meaningless and I didn't get the point if there was one .. xD 

but you said it was just a sample so it is okay :D

I hated the idea of restarting the game because of a grammar mistake ..  I hope the full game won't be having things like that :c
it might be good for a college project but it wouldn't be for a fun game ..  so forget about college and make a fun game instead lol :D

looking forward to see the full version, good luck .

now, let's talk about bugs  .. 

  -I guess there's something wrong when you choose "yes" at the question "do you remember your name ?" as all answers leads to a bad  end even the grammatically correct answer ..
- also, the game goes on and doesn't end if you answer the first question wrong  ..   
not sure if you that's what you wanted 

+ also, I just checked the about section and knew it was made with RenPy so no need to answer my question earlier xD

I'll keep everything you said  in mind and will try to fix them later,

Thanks a lot <3 .

that actually annoyed me too and wanted to fix it, but there was no time .. so I decided to make it a game mechanism to make the game harder xD 
Thank you !<3 

aha , I see ..

thanks for help :) 

I see now..
but I am still stuck with the boy behind the box .. how to get him out ? 

I saw  Thomas was alone's trailer when I was searching for how a minimalist game should look like .. and it inspired me

will try making my game more unique If I am going  to keep working on it.

and about the camera issue, do you think scaling it down and making the transition smoother would fix the problem ? Or what was wrong with it .. ?

Thanks for trying  my game. I appreciate it <3.  

I really liked the game's graphics. it was great.
I enjoyed the game at first. but got bored really quick cause I got stuck and didn't know what to  do .. not sure if the game is hard or I am just bad xD

the goal of the game wasn't clear to me, also the input control 

the W key was not working with me which made control kinda hard 

sometimes the player was walking and sometimes he was running with the same key.that got me confused too.

overall, the game looked really beautiful 

good luck ! 

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That was so beautiful and cute *-*
It made me smile ..

the only thing that got me upset was that I had to restart the game every time I die. As a bad player, I had to restart the game for like 10 times until I was able to finish it xD
so make sure to add checkpoints If you're going to keep working on it
good luck !

جميلة جدا <3 عجبتني

بس تضايقت من الصوت اللي بيطلع لما أخسر

كنت بخسر كثير وكل شوية اتخض