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I saw  Thomas was alone's trailer when I was searching for how a minimalist game should look like .. and it inspired me

will try making my game more unique If I am going  to keep working on it.

and about the camera issue, do you think scaling it down and making the transition smoother would fix the problem ? Or what was wrong with it .. ?

Thanks for trying  my game. I appreciate it <3.  


you could add triggers in certain areas of the level, to show the player, where his next destination is, 

or triggers that act like "focus points" where if you get close to them the camera zooms out, or something along those lines

using timeline and cinemachine and a simple trigger script, that should be easy to handle. 

or you can simple modify the field of view at the start of the game, and not bother about setting triggers and stuff. 

aha , I see ..

thanks for help :)