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Hello. I rated this game (written) a little over the year ago for class, and would like to replay and review on my youtube channel with your permission

Hello. Your game looks interesting, and I would like to review your game on my youtube channel. I'd like to get your permission first, though.

Hello. Your game looks interesting and I'd like to do a review on my youtube, but would like your permission to do so.

Je me demandais si ce jeu est uniquement en français? Cela ressemble à un jeu intéressant, mais je ne peux pas le lire. J'utilise Google Translate car il semble que ce soit votre langue native. Espérons que ce soit exact.

Much Thanks!

Hello. I was wanting to play and rate your game on my youtube channel, but wanted to ask for your permission first

Hello. I was wanting to play and review your game on my youtube channel, but wanted to  get your permission first

Much thanks!

Much thanks!

Hello, I wanted to rate your game on my YouTube channel, but wanted to get your permission before hand. 

Hello, I wanted to rate your game on my YouTube channel, and wanted to get your permission before hand.

I appreciatethe response! 

You are right on the genre, but I'd also say it is heavy as a parody. (I'm something of a troll myself.)

I'm glad you liked the trailer. It makes me happy to say people like what I do when its seen.

Found this game for doing my hhomework assignment. Must say, for doing this within a 48 hour time span and how short game play is, story is great, as well as the audio and visuals.

My only thing at the time of critiquing that I mentioned was that it seemed more like a psychological thriller rather than horror. I now see that this is actually under simulation, but it still looks up with the horror tag. 

Good Job, guys!

Thank you! For the engine I used Twine version 2.2.1, specifically Sugarcube 2.27.0, for the audio, I used Musescore and Audacity, and for the art I used GIMP.

Thank you! The feedback is very helpful, and I'll definitely consider it in future games, especially since a lot of them are like this one mechanic-wise.

Thank you!

I liked playing this, but DAMN I know the struggle is real.

I just want to say, you did a great job. Not only was it refreshing to play an RPG that had an urban setting setting in the modern world, but the way you got abilities and use them is a very nice idea I haven't seen before. The theme melded perfectly. music was on point with the atmosphere. The story added up, especially in the end, though I won't say why, because spoilers, and I played both choices and I am a fan of both. Keep it up! Also.... Nice innuendo. I dunno about anyone else, but that's a plus for me.

Do you still need a composer?

Hey. I was wondering if there is a Discord Channel for this jam, or a CrowdForge page to create teams?

You are very much playing it right! :) And thank you!

The black hole is in the middle of the screen. The circles with the faces are planets. And thank you! I appreciate it.

It is done. Thank you for the feedback, and I am glad you liked it. As far as the black hole being missing, I will talk to the developers to see what may be going on. There's no changing it now, but it would probably be nice to have an explanation.

I just want to thank you guys for being understanding. That was great of you guys.

I am really sorry about this. If you're still willing, here's the link.

That is the link. Thank you!

So, I had time left to enter the game, and it was published to my page. For some reason, though, it wouldn't let me upload and now me and my team can't enter the jam. Why did this happen?