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Pocket Soccer 2018 is a simple and minimal soccer game, with a zig zag style gameplay.

Main features:

  • The game offer a single match and a tournament mode (16 teams). 
  • Teams uniforms and play field colors are customizable .
  • During the match you can also use some powerups.

Try now on browser and have fun
Please note that this is the full version ( and without ads )  of the game also released for Android and available on Google Play .

Cool! :)

Tricky, speedy and funny car game !

Very simple rules!

  • Go as fast as you can but without skidding;
  • Complete the track in the shortest time possible by gaining precious seconds;
  • The more seconds you save and the more medals you win;
  • Win as many medals as you can;
  • Unlocks all tracks;
  • Be careful not to try the patience of the other drivers.

Available for Android, Mac, Windows

See the game page for further info.

This is my first game released on but also the first game I ever made (a long ago).

As you can see from the video, I used Godot game engine (v.2.1.3) and Blender, but also Gimp, Audacity, BFXR. Basically only FOSS software. For the sound track I used instead Korg Gadget for iPad.

For this game I also made an offline track editor that will be probably added as in game feature. See the second half of the video.

So... please give me some feedback.