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Really great assets  you do 

Looks really nice :)

After discussing by email with you. I can confirm here that I am not interested by proposal mades by studios.
My project is hobby and I do not have 249€ to sepnd for it.
(more to this when your 249€ one time fee cannot be used for any kind of projects, only no commercial use nor shareware, etc.)

I am looking for someone that can create the character with animations, a bit like animated characters we can find on


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If later, you'll need EN-FR translation, contact me ;)

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For a game project on Amiga platforms (and maybe PC & Android), I am looking for the hero character.

Ideally, the character design should be a mix between the Turrican 1 (Amiga) hero character and Super Metroid (Super Nintendo, Samus Aran) character. For the game needs, it's better to have the hero handling a weapon (not using an arm weapon like Samus, but better to have a weapon like Turrican).

I'd like high quality graphics with details in the style of old 90' 2D pixels drawing style.

The simple animations I need are :
- Idle ( 2 animations, directions : back and front views)
- forward roll
- back roll
- Dying

The following animations need to be declined in variants :
- Walking
- Jumping 
- Crouch
- idle
- Running
- Flying (a bit like levitation, See Turrican 1 level where player is flying.)
- Falling
Variants are : 
1. With weapon horizontal (shooting face to the character)
2. With weapon oriented 45° degrees up.
3. With weapon oriented 45° degrees down.

If you are able to do this, please submit me a prototype of the charactee (2 view : front, direction to the right) before doing more.
And we will discuss to see if it fit my needs and discuss for the final price.

You must also agree these :
- I do not ask for exclusive licence. You can push, if you want,  your character with animations to be sold on and in any place you want.
- By paying the job, you agree to provide me a non exclusive licence to use your model, modify it, update it, with no limitations neither in time, nor on the project amount( I can use it for any free/commercial projects I may have to create in the future (no more licence will be asked by you the author)).
- Delivery must be done in PNG graphics with transparency.

Thank you.

Really nice CastleVania PS1 style asset :)

Really nice !

I will do :)

Just bought a licence for the bundle
I follow you and will wait for the next assets to come :)
Good work !

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I really like your graphics assets.
Does the licence allow to modify a graphic asset for a more *personnal* version of these graphics ?

Stupid question from myself. Editing is allowed (it is mentioned in your asset page :p )

Continue with your great work !