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A little difficult but overall great game, very polished for a game jam. Love the art and music. Cheers!

Haha nice voiceover work/sound design, wasn't expecting that!

Nice work, very tight gameplay and love the art style/music. 

Haha this great, super addictive! Nice work. My game also involves a shopping cart full of of toilet paper lol. 

This is great, it's fun to play a 3D version of Paperboy. My game also has a "toilet paper throwing" mechanic haha. Nice work!

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Paper Trail now has a browser playable version! Couldn't quite get it to work on yet but you can play now via my website below. Please give it a shot and rate if you haven't yet, and big thanks to everyone who played and left feedback so far!

Play HTML5 Browser version here: 

About The Game

Genre: Action RPG/Survival-Horror/Comedy

Quarantine Day 746: It's been two years since The Great "TP" Purge of 2020. The world's currency has now shifted to a far more useful form: toilet paper. However, there is one man who seems to have hoarded most of the population's wealth in an abandoned grocery store facility. 

We've also been getting reports that The Virus has begun to mutate, turning it's hosts into rabid, flesh-eating creatures. I am now down to my last roll of toilet paper, so at this point I have nothing left to lose.

Mission:  Collect as many toilet paper rolls as you can without getting infected!


  • Throw toilet paper at enemies
  • Fight and defeat MAGA Zombies
  • Dethrone the Toilet King!

Play HTML5 Browser version here: 

Thanks for playing! Glad you were able to make it the final showdown :)

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Thanks for playing!

it was, thanks for playing/listening! I’m a composer at heart  but starting to dabble in game dev as well. 

Thanks for playing! Still new to game dev so trying to figure things out. Glad you enjoyed it!

Very impressive, also cool that you're sharing the template. Great work!

Very impressive, also cool that you're sharing the template. Great work!

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Nice work, very polished and great use of theme. Good music too. Had fun shooting down the other planes.

Nice work, definitely a fun take on the Asteroids style games. Also enjoyed your Snowy Shinobi game!

Wow this is really clever concept. The artwork is also amazing. Great work!

Gameplay is very natural, love the art aesthetic too.

Haha this is great. Really loved the story and concept is hilarious. And the end result is quite polished for a game jam project. Nice work!

Really clever puzzle mechanic, great work!

This is great, had alot of fun playing it. Love the Island music haha. 

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This is awesome, reminds me of Doom or one of those arcade shooters like Area 51. Love the music as well. Great work!

This is adorable. Is this made with a fantasy console of some sort?

This is an awesome piece of interactive fiction. really enjoyed the artwork and the narrative. 

This is a cool representation of how virus spreads. Nice work!

Great work, love the story and text effects. 

This was really cool. A little difficult to get the controls down but a really awesome idea and execution. One of my favorites so far, love the music.

Nice work! I made it 10 days without going insane.  Cool concept.

Cool concept. Reminds me of Scribblenauts. Keep going!

Nice work, love the aesthetic and music.

This was Pretty fun! Would have like to have a keyboard shortcut for shooting, not a big fan of the mouse button. Great work

Nice job, very polished for a game jam. The attack button doesn't seem to work that well but other than that great work!

Awesome game! Love the happiness/sanity meters, nice work.

Fun gameplay, enjoyed the music as well.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for the feedback, will try to make the controls better next time.

Clever puzzle design and cool to see a gam in this type of Monument Valley type view/angle. Great work!

Super relaxing, love the art and music. Wasn't expecting that ending!

Awesome puzzle concept and use of theme. Love these fantasy console games too. Great work!

Haha that definitely caught me off guard. Impressive work!

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Wow love the physics and gameplay. I could see this being really addictive on mobile game of some sort. Great work!

Wow cool concept. Love the retro terminal atmosphere/sound design as well.