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Hi! I'm a sound designer/composer, and I'm interested in learning more about your project and potentially joining you! I added you on discord - amenemone#3009!

Hello there! I'm a sound designer/musician currently working with an artist, and we're looking for a passionate programmer to fill out our game dev trifecta! Preferably, this would be someone who works in UE4 since the artist primarily works in UE4 as well.

We're hoping this can be a permanent team with which we can work on personal projects (and jam games from time to time)! Currently, we're thinking of developing a tiny exploration game inspired by Breath of the Wild, but we're down to discuss any idea since we'd like everyone to have a say in what we create. 

If you'd like to check out our current works, here are the links to our portfolios!
My current work:
Artist's work:

Contact me in the comments below or via Discord - amenemone#3009 - if you're interested, and we can talk! Thanks for your time and have a wonderful day!

Very cool! Great artwork and the controls feel nice. I liked the transition from the start menu into the game and the way the music adds a layer after you press play. I think there should be a way to know how much health you have left and some sound effects to give you feedback on when you take damage and when the enemies take damage. I also think the shooting control is a little weird, since you have to hold it in order to actually fire. 

Okiedokie, I added you! I'm amenemone#3009 :D

Hello! I'm looking for a programmer to work on a project I'm developing for the Dark-tober Game Jam which runs September 30-October 27. The project will definitely be in 2D and most likely be a platformer but genre is still being decided. Currently, I'm working on the story and gameplay concept. I'd prefer if we work in Unity or Unreal so I can practice using Wwise, but if you work in a different engine and are still interested, please shoot me a reply anyway!