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A and D to move (part of wasd)

Space to grab.

ok, I'll check back in a few months or so.

still waiting.

still stuck?

How is the remake coming along?

Just curious.

Paypal does not work, try a Safecard?

The game may be a bit buggy, but it is still fun.

You could buy it again?

People have reported that the payment couldn't go through. 

If you could that's good news.

The developer has disappeared, as far as anyone can tell.

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Love this game.

After four days I managed to stop playing long enough to write this comment.

 I felt like i needed to say that because if I only submitted a bug report it may come of as negative.

Bug report

Doms not accepting capture

Sometimes when you capture a dom they don't behave like captured in multiple possible ways. Sometimes if she was walking when I sneaked up on  her she just keeps walking with her hands tied.  If I then leash her she will run away and if the leash between her and me get too long the game crashes. 

Sometimes she will appear caught but when she gets too close to me when she is led by a leash she will try to capture me, so I will lose control and my leashes (that i hold my captives in) are undone, but because the dom's leash got undone she will run away instead of capture me, so I just stand there without controls and can do nothing but end the match.

These might be most likely to happen if smoke is used to get close to the doms safely.

Strappado variations

If a captive is in a strappado position I can left click on her, my character will then do the "point down" animation (the same as when getting a girl to kneel) and the captive's arms will be lowered into a less extreme strappado. So far so good.

But in her new position some new things happen.

If I right click on her my character does the "point up" animation but nothing happens to the captive, and if I left click or press f mo character does the "tie up" animation and I lose a rope but nothing happens to the captive.

Servitude hit effect has a physical collider

Most notable if the spell is used when running up stairs, most annoying when trying to catch a damsel/dom with rapid fire as the second shot hits the effect from the first shot instead of the girl.

The immobile state

A state a girl can get into if she is partially untied by anyone but the player. In this state she can't be pushed with Q and she will not follow if leashed. The state can be broken by getting her to kneel and stand up again.

Example ways this state can happen are if a self freeing dom is tied with an armbinder, a gag and is leashed to a wall, she will get the gag of but try and fail to take of the armbinder and will be in this state.

Or you can give any girl an armbinder and let her run away, after a while she will stop and try to free herself, but fail and be immobile.

Rescue more important than getting captured

That refers to damsel priorities, when a damsel sees a captive she will run to rescue her and ignore being touched by the player (to get captured) if she don't see the player first (probably because of smoke).

Rescue of a led damsel

If I am leading a captive and she is spotted but I'm not (probably because of smoke) the spotter will try to free the captive but one of two things happen.

If the captive was back tied (wrist, elbows or armbinder ) her bonds will be removed except the leash and she will enter the immobile state and the leash can be of unlimited length.

If the captive was front tied she will be freed and she can never be leashed again. She might still follow me as if she was leashed, even if hogtied! (happened to me once)

Gag traps

If a ball gag spawner is a trap and the selected gag type is tape gag, when triggered the player will get a tape gag "equipped" but will have the ball gag facial expression.

"Unintended features" (aka useful bugs ,please don't fix) report

Can't rescue from neck leashes

If a girl is back tied and leashed to a wall she can't be rescued. The rescuer will remove all bonds except the leash and then she will just stand there until player interference. The captive will enter the immobile state.

Unlimited armbinders!

The game checks if I have ropes instead of armbinders when I use an armbinder.  If I have 5 ropes and 0 armbinders  and use an armbinder on a girl I will then have 5 ropes and -1 arminder. This and the last "feature" mentioned makes Capture fest too easy in my opinion.

Also if I "Ctrl f" removes an armbinder i don't get an armbinder, I get a rope. 1 rope + 1 damsel = unlimited ropes!

Unbreakable hogtie

If a damsel/dom is tied on the ground (flat down or hogtied), leash and then unleash her. She will be stuck in that position forever. The only thing you can do is gag/ungag and rotate.

A self freeing dom will play parts of the break free animation but she will not get loose. (Only way to keep her gaged)

Any girl spotting the captive will run up to rescue, but she will just stand there and look.

If the player tries to tie her further(from flat on the ground to hogtie) the character will do the "tie up" animation and lose one rope, but nothing happens.

If the player tries to untie her they will GAIN one rope but nothing happens. 4 ropes + 1 damsel = unlimited ropes faster!

That's the obvious bugs I have found, hope to see them fixed so this game goes from great to realy great.

As far as I can tell, that bug only happens if you have loaded a game from a previous version, starting a new game fixes it.