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Originally i wanted to make a game about NFTs too, but gave up with like 2 days left because everything just wasn't working. Nice job!

Damn, my progress seems to be like 10 times slower than everyone else. Still, I think this is better than my previous jam submissions though.

Making a game where you take photos of NFTs and try to get away with it. Doesn't include real NFTs. Don't know if this is gonna end up being bad, but hey we'll know! xD

I'm still not that far ahead though actually, I only know how to do more basic code and stuff.

Still though, even with visual coding game engines, you just need more practice and you'll be better at it, and you can even learn real code maybe ;-;

Its a sign...A sign that maybe I will actually get things done today and my game can actually be decent for once!

Or not because I still have online lessons :/

No worries at all for the late reply! Really excited to play your game in the future after its been updated and stuff.

Also thanks to your bro for playing and rating mine! :)

Congratulations on being 1528 and the most rated game here!

Congratulations for winning overall! MEOW

What an interesting game! It would've been nice to have stuff like a menu and some settings, as well as a basic tutorial or something. The sort of grid movement is also quite interesting and nice, and overall everything is quite well polished. The art is also really quite nice looking, and simplistic as well. The music and sound effects (even though they're not made from scratch) are also quite nice, but more music would also be quite nice.

Personally, the game didn't fit the theme too much, and the game mostly seems like one of those turn based puzzle games or something. Still, the game overall is nice and beautiful. If this jam was more about puzzles, then damn this would've and actually should've gotten good ratings xD

Really interesting game! Personally, I feel like the double or wall jumps are a little bit weird, but the movement feels really nice, although WASD support would be quite nice as well. The different events that happen are also really nice, and add a slight challenge to the game. The visuals are really nice as well, and the music too, although it would be nice if there were more music or sound effects.

Overall, quite an interesting game which actually deserves more attention!

I got carried away and had a lot of work to do, so I couldn't really play this game until now. Damn...I should've played this earlier xD

Gonna start with some problems or improvements first, the game doesn't have fullscreen. Sad :( Not game-breaking though so it's fine. Also, the settings lack other options. And during the levels, the movement is a little bit slow for me (Although this may be what you wanted, and if so I actually understand why as well). And another minor ish thing is that the background of the levels could be a bit darker or sort of muted, so it can have better contrast and you can see the players and enemies easier.

Despite those stuff though, this game is seriously really well done, and much better than I was even expecting. Despite the fact that it also looks like a mobile game (especially with the massive menu buttons, although not a bad thing), it feels really polished and well made, especially with you and your brother making everything. And yes, the visuals and artstyle are also pretty simplistic but really nice to look at, and the visual effects (especially the explosions and stuff) are really nice and well made. The game itself is hard. Really hard...But pretty fun as well, especially the random shooting mechanics, and personally the enemy spawning weapon makes the game a lot more challenging but also really interesting and fun.

Not gonna make this too long again, but overall this is a really well made game, and I genuinely quite like it. Keep up the work!

Sorry for replying to your comment late (and actually I've been thinking of how to reply to this since I'm not great at replying xD), but holy pineapple the amount of content that's in this! 

I do agree with what you've said though, there are many things that could've been better or changed, but there were also a few things that I didn't think of, like the cinemachine and coin stuff that you talked about. Definitely will take a look at what you said.

No worries for the long post though, the longer it is the better, since you listed out many problems and also ways to improve them, so thanks for that. Also thanks for enjoying this game despite all the problems :)

Thanks! I agree about the visual feedback stuff, I actually did make stuff like animations fro the player and enemies, but they didn't work well for some reason, and besides I didn't have time to do more animations. Also, the player speed is something that many people commented about as well, so I'll definitely make it a bit faster when I update it :)

Thanks! The bouncing parts are actually kinda buggy, as if you stay on the bouncing areas, it keeps getting faster and eventually you fly out of the map. As for the player speed and enemy shooting, I wasn't certain on them either, I'll definitely take a look at the stuff :)

nice :)

Fun, DESTRUCTIBLE ENVIRONMENTS, destroy stuff. Nice. Although, would be better with polish. For example, the beginning menus, the slides and the levels themselves all need more polish and work. And also a few things are missing or could be improved, like the music, and personally the way that the player holds the hammer is also a bit strange. Also, I experienced some performance issues, so it might be better with a loading screen or some optimisation.

Still, absolutely incredible game with a lot of potential. How often do you see a game where you can destroy stuff?

Holy crap this is incredible...I saw this a few days ago but completely forgot about playing this especially since I was busy. Now though...

Incredible idea. Deadline-fighting is actually really relevant to chaos. Also, the google chrome and classroom idea is amazing as well. The game itself is also pretty challenging sometimes, and yes, I know it's just copying and stuff, but the instructions and memorisation combined with only having a minute makes me panic like hell. Maybe some people don't like having to do actual math problems, but personally it just makes it more realistic (Although I don't think teachers would only assign you one question in real life, but whatever)

I will say a few things. First, the settings menu (Or volume sliders) don't seem to work at all, maybe that isn't in yet. Also, some visuals could be improved and maybe higher quality, since it kinda seems a bit blurry. Maybe you have to adjust the texture settings and stuff. Also, more music and sound effects would be better, and also maybe more functionality for the browser would be cool, although obviously you didn't have the time to do it. Also, a major problem (not really towards the game) is that the windows version seems to be cut off slightly (As in I can't see the tabs and as a result the game doesn't play properly). Luckily you added a webGL version (although to be perfectly honest, that might be against the rules...).

Still. Great job, genuinely. I would actually really love to see this game expanded upon. I really want a game like this where you panic with homework. Keep up the work! Also, sorry for the long comment xD

Thanks! Yeah, I think its an interesting idea but not really "chaotic". 

I'll definitely try and rate your game soon!

Very interesting game. It's pretty similar to BTD and judging by the name of the game itself, I guess you were inspired by those games as well. So yes, this may not be the most innovative, but it is definitely a lot of fun!

 First, the main menu and moving the box to start the game is a really nice and clever idea. Now, of course this game is inspired by BTD, but it's still a lot of fun nonetheless. I like the idea of a 3D version of that game where you have to move around and place defenses by yourself. Also, you can move the defenses (and you also have to reload them) during the waves. That may seem like slightly cheating, but to me it makes it a bit easier and also more fun, and you won't just immediately fail if you mess up the position. But again, as you have to earn a lot of money just to build a single turret thingy and that you have to place it manually, it becomes a lot more chaotic. And that's how this fits the theme as well.

There are some things that you may have to improve, so for example the 3d placing turrets idea is an incredible idea, but the way you have to position yourself just right makes it slightly annoying and harder (especially if you're like me and you want to place everything at the exact right spot). The visuals are also nice but it would be better with some polish.

Again overall though, this is a really nice game! (Also sorry for the long comment...and also I said that i would rate this game a few days ago but forgot, sorry xD)

thanks for the feedback! I do agree that this game still needs a lot of work. I ran out of time for many things so stuff like sound is not existent. I can also see how this doesn't really fit the chaos theme.

Also yeah, I was kinda struggling with the shooting part a bit as well. I'll definitely take a look at it soon.

Once again thanks for the comment!

Yeah, I thought of this pizza idea at first and thought it was good then, but I too realised that it didnt fit the theme too well (but I couldn't change it because I would've wasted so much time), and well obviously, a platformer that's filled with bugs doesn't really fit the theme of chaos too much.

Thanks for enjoying the platforming stuff though. The invisible ground was actually a bug (that was probably caused by me forgetting to adjust the z positions or something idk), but I guess that made it slightly more "chaos" xD

True, these are just suggestions for improving the game :)

Thanks! I''ll definitely try your game!

This is such a cool game xD

A few things in my opinion: a settings menu for settings and volume sliders would be nice, more music would make it less repetitive and more interesting, more choices of weapons would be cool, more levels or missions maybe, and also it would be much nicer with more detailed models and scenery stuff. Also i feel like the camera could be slightly smoothed out and you could also add keys to increase and decrease the height of the camera.

Despite all this stuff though, I have to say, the game itself is actually really quite fun, and causing extra chaos to lead the humans to safety is a pretty cool idea. Although not gonna lie just like the other comment, I got too carried away and just bombed the city. I'm pretty sure in real life if a nuke landed right next to me I would (obviously) be dead and also freaked the hell out, but this is a game so it's fun I guess. Apart from that, the models and stuff are pretty good (although again there could be a bit more detail). I actually don't know how you got the game running so smooth with all the destructable objects though.

Anyways, great and fun game where you can nuke people! Or save them...but a nuke solves all problems!


Really nice and polished game in my opinion. Although i swear i was a bit confused when i reached what looked like the edge of the map because i thought this was infinite or something like that. Also it would be better to have some decorations or different rooms maybe to make it more interesting. For the wave 4/boss/whatever thingy, the switch thing that teleports you to the other room can maybe be a bit clearer.

Other than that stuff though, great fun game, really nice artstyle, really nice music and sound effects, good controls, nice that you can shoot to open the shop menu and stuff, and the enemies are also cool too. Keep up!

Thanks! I'll definitely add some more animations and stuff since i didn't have time to do it in  the jam

In my opinion, the player core movement seemed a little bit slow (although itdoesn't seem to affect too much). Also not really a problem but i was a bit confused on what to do with the folders and stuff, but eventually got it.

Honestly though, this anti virus idea is amazing and also quite fun to play. The graphics and artstyle is simplistic but nice looking.

Overall I would say this is a nice and fun game with a lot of potential!

Yeah, I ran out of time to do a lot of things and also didn't have time to playtest properly (especially animations and the sprites in level 2 missing). Honestly I think "little bit rough" is an understatement xD

Thanks for playing though!


Yeah I will do that and also add bars to the other enemies and players to make it look nicer and more obvious, thanks :)

No problem, and I should've figured the arrows since everything is confusing as hell xD

Also thats a nice way to make the clouds!

Lol thanks! Yeah i had animations (some) but they didn't work for some reason. Also yes, didn't have time for audio. Will definitely take a look at those stuff though!

And yes, I'll take a look at your game later and rate it :)

Gonna start off with some issues i found: Sometimes when i shoot enemies (or fight them), their health bar don't show up, so i have no way of knowing their health (although idk if this is intentional, but imo it makes it more "chaos" sometimes). Also, the game seems "slightly" too easy in my opinion, even in some other difficulties, and because of that I don't really see the purpose to use the items and potions except for the boss fight.

Still, the graphics and artstyle is really nice, and the music is also amazing. The game is fun and polished. It just needs more enemies, bosses, maybe a story (like what happens after the boss gets killed or whatever). 

Also apparently this game was made in scratch? If that's the case, great job! And yes, scratch isn't really a real game development software like unity or unreal, but the fact is that you managed to use it properly and actually made a game that is better than many unity games. So again, genuinely a great job!

Damn this is like an action film xD

What i think could be improved first: the dropdown menus in the settings were a bit too small, there were 3 1920x1080 resolutions (not really important though), sometimes the player got a bit stuck when jumping or something, and also I personally feel like the level was a bit disorienting, or it might be because of the artstyle but I have no idea. Also, the music was really nice but after i left the "tutorial" area and then came back, the music didn't switch back (although it may be intentional, no idea)

Despite that stuff, the graphics and art stuff are really really nice in my opinion, the music is deliciously awesome (although my ears almost fell off when i adjusted the volume slider), the mechanics were nice (especially the breaking wall thing), and its overall just an awesome and really nice game!

The shooting was a bit weird and i couldn't kill anything for some reason (or i just suck which is probably the case). Still, the visuals were really nice and the sound effects also made it kinda creepy (but made the game nicer in my opinion). Even though I didn't get far, this still seems like a nice game overall. Keep up!

Damn this was actually quite nice. Issues first: the music was a bit too loud (although amazing), so it would be nice to have a settings menu and volume slider, the controls should be somewhere else instead of at the start of the game (just my opinion), and the difficulty was also the same, and collecting coins didn't seem to have any purpose.

Still, the music was really nice (genuinely fits the theme xD), the graphics and visuals were nice (although yes you did use assets and i could tell that some were from brackeys, but that's fine), and the menu text and stuff were nice as well. Also I guess the comments before were saying the controls were weird because of the V to shoot, but it's not really a big problem to be honest.

Overall, nice fun game, with potential for more fun levels!

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Gonna start off with some issues first, the game lagged a lot in the menu (don't think its your fault though, gotta love webgl), the music isn't a thing (although doesn't matter too much), and sometimes crystals spawn too close to each other (just my opinion though). Also making the enemies collide is a really cool thing, but sometimes they spawn too close to each other and just explode instantly without me doing anything. And also sometimes enemies spawn literally right in front of the player and its impossible to avoid them (although this may be what you want, not sure).

On the plus side, the graphics and stuff are pretty simplistic but nice, the sound effects are nice (and also scared the hell outta me in the menu), the player is really "slidey"  but I think that's a good thing because its set in space, and also trying to handbrake turn to avoid a rock and causing the enemies to crash into each other is genuinely great fun.

Again, really a nice game!

Starting off with some issues first, the music was a bit too loud in my opinion so you could add a volume slider. The menu size can also be reduced a bit (this is just my opinion). In the levels, there are some collision issues.

Still for the most part, the music was actually quite good, the visuals are pretty nice (although would obviously be better with a bit more polish), and the collecting gems and running away from chaos enemies (and eventually shooting them) are quite nice. Overall, the game is genuinely pretty nice!

Just gonna say all the things that I thought could be improved first:

The sensitivity slider doesn't really seem to work, the volume slider could be improved (a really common problem though, go google "better volume slider" or something and you should find what i mean), and also the level design is honestly quite confusing as i couldnt figure out what to do (even when following the arrows and stuff).

On the plus side though, the graphics and visuals stuff are really nice (especially the clouds above are really cool and genuinely beautiful), the music is absolutely delicious, and yes, it does fit the theme of chaos pretty well, although again if it was slightly less confusing and guided the player a bit more then it would probably be better.

Overall, nice game with a cool idea and stuff!